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Here is an interesting video on cooking oils.  Dr Mercola and Dr Rudi Moerck discuss the different types of oils that are good to cook with, oils to avoid heating, oils to stay away from and some interesting facts about OLIVE OIL.

Health ROCKS !!


Counting my blessings is a beautiful book written by a young Emirati boy with special needs.  He is such an inspiration and is a great role model for other young Emiratis.

Counting my blessings is characterized by a simple and interesting writing style. Its simplicity takes you inside the writer’s world and makes you fly amidst his own memories with affection. The story makes you interact with the events and live the story as if you were a member of his family. Hussein has succeeded in narrating his life story in his own way which is different from the traditional style of writing autobiographies.
His eagerness and determination to have the best life he could have is an inspiration to everybody who reads this book.
Hussein will capture your heart with his fascinating charm and loving personality.


To purchase his book and know more about the young author visit click here


*images belong to Hussein Alrahma

PUMA approached Ali F. Mostafa, director of CITY OF LIFE, and several other influential people in the creative world to design a sneaker for their brand.

Here are the images of Ali at the Creative Factory Atelier sessions a few weeks ago designing an “AFM” PUMA sneaker.

When I was younger I remember a friend of my mom’s used to place cellotape along her frown lines. She would swear that it did magic. We believed her because we could see the difference.

Now on the market is a product called Frownies.  It looks like brown paper that you have to moisten on one side ( like the ones we used to stick to our nose to removed blackheads) and it glues the area. You can leave it on for a good few hours or even sleep with it.  The effect is smoothed out skin.  Not sure how long it lasts but defo. worth a try!

check out  ­ and have a look at their other interesting products!



*images belong to frownies

A state visit to the UK  and Qatar’s Sheikha Mozah bint Nasser Al Missned looks absolutely stunning! The Sheikha definitly knows how to work it! Sharp clean sophisticated lines, matching gloves, handbags and belts all in monochromatic colors. Not to mention the hot “Hepburn” sunnies!!

No wonder she hit vanity fair’s best dressed list 2009 and definitely knocked out model/singer turned first lady of France Carla Bruni in Paris.



*images belong to huffingtonpost


I’m not going to go all biology on you .. but let’s layout it out simple.

The largest organ in the body is our “SKIN” which is responsible for detoxifiying and eliminating waste from our body.  Which is why it shouldn’t be neglected!

Fact: Did you know that body odor is an indicator for toxic build up in your body? Doesn’t mean if you don’t smell you’re body is toxic free either.

Won’t the bristles damage my skin?

On the contrary most cosmetic treatments and chemical peels have nasty side effects and may rid you of excess skin layers.  Where as the bristles of a dry brush will handle the skin with maximum care and gentleness


Benefits of Dry brushing:

There are soooo many benefits to dry brushing but here are a few that I hope will inspire you to get started today!

*Cellulite:  Dry brushing is also a way of massaging those areas which greatly benefits the skin.  Paying special attention to those “orange peel zones” everyday combined with excercise and a healthy diet should help reduce the appearance and tighten the skin.

*Soft skin: Dry brushing on a daily basis will start ridding your body of all the dead dry skin.  Once you have yourself in a brushing routine you will start to notice you will not need to lather your  self with body creams and oils, you have helped your body to produce natural oils which you will notice makes your skin baby soft!

*Unclogged pores: Dry brushing helps by unclogging pores therefore allowing your body to benefit from nutrients (at this point STOP! think about what you choose to put on your skin..keep it 100% natural, anything else gets directly sucked into your bloodstream within minutes).

*Lymphatic drainage:  Dry brushing helps and stimulates the lymph to eliminate the body of all the toxic build up it has been exposed to.



1.  Get yourself a natural bristle brush with a long handle to help you reach those hard to reach areas.

2. Start your dry brushing first thing in the morning prior to your shower/bath on naked dry skin!

3. Start with upward motions starting with your feet up to make sure you cover your whole body.  Overlap as you are brushing and repeat areas as well. Avoid sensitive areas.

4. After brushing, shower and try alternating the water temperature from hot to cold will help stimulate the blood circulation.

5. After your shower massage your body with almond, pure coconut, jojoba, natural blend oils..


Looking after your dry brush is simple: wash it with soap once a week and let it air dry in the sun!

There is nothing as invigorating as stepping out of a shower after DRY BRUSHING!

Create a little spa in your bathroom. Light some candles, put on some music, oils etc and indulge in yourself! This takes no more than 20mins! Imagine going to the spa every morning and starting your day! Well you can… at the comfort of your own home!



p.s if you have a heart, skin, or any other condition check with your doctor first.

We all love a bargain! Singer turned fashion designer Pearl Lowe has designed a collection specifically a dress that is making celebs drool! The price tag makes us drool as well …. ₤35!!!

According to the Daily Mail “Pop star Courtney Love was so desperate to have the 1950s-inspired dress she sent a message to Miss Lowe, via Twitter, asking for one to be couriered to her suite at the Mercer Hotel, New York.”
Inspired by holloywood glamour and the 50’s her designs are targeted for the “real” woman with curves who loves fashion on a bud

I don’t know what shocks me more… the price of the dress or that Peacock has been round for 126 years??? Love the dress though and the vintage inspired theme!

Singer turned designer Pearl Lowe with her model daughter Daisy Lowe


*images belong to the daily mail

I haven’t had much time on my hands recently to create my own fashion/trend collage, which I hope to start soon.  Here are a few collages I came across for Fall that suited the “muhjababe” in us all.  Add a t-shirt extender here and a long sleeve body there and BANG you’re good to go! Hopefully some cool weather hits us soon so that we don’t actually have to travel to get to wear these yummy outfits! xoxo *images belong to Mega Zagadka

Looking for something a little different then your regular fall/winter coat?

I am always on the look out for clothes that are stylish, HOT, chic, trendy but most importantly give me the coverage I need as a fashion conscious mutahajiba.

Capes are hitting it BIG this season with all the celebs wearing them. Assuming you will be travelling this Eid to somewhere cold make sure you add this functional versatile peice to your wardrobe! I have a gorgeous tweed vintage Burberry cape that I adore! (can you spot me?:) )

Capes & Ponchos can be a bit tricky. If you are tall you shouldn’t have a problem withthe length of the cape you could opt for a short one or a long one. For the petite belles out there always opt for a shorter fitted one otherwise it may look like you are drowning in your cape.

You can wear your capes with skinny jeans and uggs or a tailored trouser and killer boots.



I came across an article the other day and it made soo much sense!! The article was about breast cancer “awareness” month and how it should be called breast cancer “prevention” month instead! 

Why not start educating people on the right food to eat, the toxins around us on a daily basis to avoid, the vitamins we need and the exercise our body is crying out for!

If women were to effectively prevent cancer by avoiding toxic chemicals, eating anti-cancer foods and boosting their intake of anti-cancer nutrients like vitamin D, cancer rates across Americawould plummet — perhaps by as much as 80%.  And that, in turn, would hit the profits of the cancer industry hard, reducing both incomes as well as influence. Perhaps more frighteningly, preventing cancer would hammer the sales of products from companies that engage in pinkwashing campaigns. ”  Please read his article. 

It’s ironic how many of us know what to avoid yet we do it any ways.  We know the risks of smoking and second hand smoke but we expose ourselves to it.  

Life is short and by enjoying healthy food you are making the better option! Pretending that food and what you put in your body doesn’t matter is only fooling yourself.. Start empowering yourself and learn the benefits of food. Avoid processed products. 

AND YES healthy food can be delicious!! start getting into the kitchen and experimenting!! There will be no turning back!

Health Rocks people.. wishing you the best of it!! 


p.s let me know what you thought of the article.. agree or disagree?

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