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My little girl loves to put on makeup! She loves dressing up and all things pretty.  She is very much a girly girl.  I have decided I want to get her her own little makeup set that she can play with.  However my one criteria is for the makeup to be natural with no chemicals whatsoever.  When we were younger we would get old makeup that mom or aunt didn’t want anymore for us to mess around with.  We know now that makeup in general have a shelf life (unlike mineral makeup) and after a certain period can turn harmful if you continue to use it.

Yes they sell kiddie makeup etc at stores such Claires and Toys R us but I didn’t want to go get her that just because they are commercial and I am pretty sure what is in them should not be anywhere near children’s skin.

So after researching natural organic children’s makeup I came across a company called Luna Organics.

Luna Organics was founded by a mother of two girls with the aim of providing high quality, organic play items for children. Luna has developed a line of all natural kids’ play makeup made entirely with natural, non-toxic, hypoallergenic materials. We wanted our daughters and their friends to have good choices in play makeup and noticed very few options so we decided to develop a line. Our products can be used for young children for dress up to tweens who are growing up!

All of our products contain the same ingredients as adult mineral makeup but at a much lower cost to the consumer. Our products are all high in quality and quantity – users will get many applications from each item. All ingredients are FDA-approved for the various purposes and all suppliers comply with standards set by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics (non-toxic, no animal testing, etc). We are a proud signer of theCompact for Safe Cosmetics. Our products are hand-crafted in New Hampshire.

They have different products; pretend play makeup for young girls, costume makeup for parties and events (face painting etc), tween makeup and party pack (for party favors).

I am going to place my order for a nice set for my little princess.


You can purchase Luna Organics online or through amazon.

If you know of a natural makeup product for kids please comment below and share the love


“Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food”

I know my posts have been about LONDON FOOD and all the yummy places! But this place is exactly the kinda stuff I love and believe in!! I first set sight on this place while at Spitalfields Market roaming through the stalls.  When I came across this stall I was soo excited and called my husband straight away to come see what I found! The food was captivating! Staring at all that goodness was mesmorising! I was in a trance and wanted more of it! NOT to mention sooooooo YUMMO!!!!!!!

They’re motto is “Let food be thy medicine & medicine be thy food”. “They set about focusing on the increased tendency of people to seek out quality organic food and nutrional supplements to fit in with their increased pressurised lifestyle. Today people’s body require a greater intake of nutrients to cope with the speed of their daily lives.

All the food that is prepared are an abundant source of the vital minerals and essential elements required to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.”


The menu includes food such as

Angel Kale Salad

Caribean Flan

Caribbean RotiWrap-Roti made from Wholewheat-Corn and Split Lentils, spread with Sprouted Hummus Caribbean Sunrise and Kale Avocado Salad with spicy Dressing

Rainforest Box Your selection of salads (Tropical Coleslaw, Caribbean Sunrise, Red Quinoa, Wild Rice,

MMungbeans-Lentils, Chickpeas, Angel Kale and Avocado) with Sprouted Hummus, Akashe Ball and Dressing


You can find Rainforest Creation stalls at different markets.

Thurs: Hammersmith , Lyric Square, King’s st LONDON W6 9am-3pm

Sat: Chelsea Market, Duke of York Square, King’s Road LONDON 9am-3pm

Sun: Old Spitalfields Market, LONDON E1 9am-5pm

click here to learn more about them.


*image belongs to electric firefly

Mineral make-up is made from earth pigments and natural minerals. They are ground to a fine powder and mixed to form foundation, blush, and powder. Mineral make-up is free from perfumes, artificial dyes, preservatives, oils, wax, or talc. Instead, it contains titanium and zinc oxide, which have natural UV protectant properties.

Look at the benefits of mineral make-up:

1.  Did you know that mineral makeup are inorganic, which means they will not harbor bacteria the same way conventional makeup would. This is great news for women who have acne or rosacea. Mineral make-up lasts a long time (years) as well unlike other makeup with shorter shelf life.

2  Mineral makeup has great coverage and very light on the face therefore does not clog up pores.

3.  Mineral makeup are fanatstic for women with sensitive skin! `the minerals act as an anti inflammatory which makes it the only makeup you could use after a chemical peel! wow …They say you can even sleep with your makeup on!

4.  Mineral makeup is also better for the environment! Buying regular makeup supports the companies to invest in more chemicals to make more makeup.. a vicious cycle.. not to mention mineral makeup don’t test the products on animals!

I did a blog post a while back on my discovery of mineral makeup, here it is.


*image belongs to ferro cosmetics


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These girl’s are beautiful and have a great sense of style! The pictures on their blog are stunning and look like they are straight out of a magazine!  They wear their hejab with pride and look great with their hejab friendly styles.  I came across their blog by accident and loved it! I will be featuring their pictures off and on as hejab fashion inspiration.  Some of you may prefer longer tops, sleeves etc…but their idea and concept is exactly what I like to see.. you can be trendy/fashionable/inspirational and be a mutahajiba! Way to go Fifi and Hanna!

The pictures below was part of the Eid al Adha post.

click here to check out their blog.

*images belong to hijabscarf

If you have started to think about what you eat, where your food comes  from, want to educate yourself more this DVD is a must for you to watch.

This DVD should be in all households! Infact this DVD should have it’s own course at  a university!

About ‘Food Matters’ the film:

‘Food Matters’ the film was originally created to help James’ father overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Depression & Anxiety (read the full story). From that one success a wave of enthusiasm for the film followed and it has now been seen by hundreds of thousands of people in 9 different languages. ‘Food Matters’ discusses:

  • How to use food as medicine
  • Who needs vitamins?
  • Is organic better?
  • How safe is our food?
  • Natural treatments for lowering Cholesterol
  • Foods that fight Anxiety and Depression
  • Natural therapies for Cancer
  • Which drugs might do more harm than good?
  • The best ways to detox, lose weight and keep it off!

click here to visit Food Matters.

I love this product! Perfect way to relax and you can use it anywhere literally! You can even roll it up for specific areas like your lower back, neck etc.. It may be too spikey at first so wear a cotton t-shirt and gently easy yourself on to it.  Take it to the beach for that ultimate relaxation!

Product Description:

Acupressure Mats (aka acumats/ spike mats) have been used since thousands of years ago for relaxation exercises, meditation and yoga, as well as for healing the body and releasing emotional, physical and mental blockages. For a price lower than one massage or one acupuncture session, you can have your own StyleWellness acumat. Made from ORGANIC cotton, this acumat has shown to improve people’s well-being on a daily basis.

The regular usage of the StyleWellness acumat may bring you many positive effects: : gain of energy, better sleep, alertness, lower blood pressure, decreased muscular tension, reduced pain, stress relief, state of deep relaxation, increased metabolism, improved blood circulation, strengthened immune system and increased uptake of oxygen.

Pressure from the spikes on the acumat activates the body’s own production of 2 substances: endorphins – “natural painkiller” hormone and oxytocin – “feel-good” hormone. Endorphins relieve the pain and give a sense of physical well-being, while oxytocin helps to relax and wind down.

StyleWellness acupressure mat Specifications:
Size: 29 1/2 x 17 1/3 x 3/4 inches (75 x 44 x 2cm)
Weight: 1.2 pounds (0.55kg)
Spikes: 7,668 (number of round circles: 284; number of spikes on one circle: 27).

StyleWellness acumat is made out of:
– A cotton mattress sheet (produced out of ORGANIC cotton)
– A foam rubber mattress
– Plastic spikes attached to the mattress sheet.


You can purchase your spike mat on amazon.



Walking through Soho after lunch I came across this restaurant buffet style.  I stood outside for a while with the man you see in the picture chatting on how yummy the food looked!  I already had lunch and was so full otherwise I would have gone in and had a bite to taste!  Will definitely come back to this place on my next trip to try it out.  Look at the pics and don’t be fooled by the meat and prawn looking dishes. They are all soya based meat/chicken/prawn look a likes ..

This is what a sample menu of theirs may look like:

veg chow mein-crispy soya duck-black beans soya chicken-sweet and sour veg chicken-spiced aubergines- singaporean noodles-dim sum-lemongrass pot- spring rolls- seaweed green curry- and much much more…

Here is there location:

33 Old Compton street, Soho, London W1



They look soo yummmmy

*images belong to electric firefly

Since the 70’s t-shirts have been a way of self expression.  Whether it’s in support of a cause, your favorite band, a movement you believe in, or to show your sense of humor.  It’s the first thing a person sees before you open your mouth to start a conversation.  It’s the first impression you make and give out.  The people behind these t-shirts know that and have designed t-shirts with positive messages and t-shirts that make a difference. They “are driven by the idea that every individual, regardless of race or creed, status or disposition, should be able to pick up a shirt and wear it with pride and appreciate it for its message.”Faraz Zaidi.

Profound Aesthetic is a clothing brand founded on many grounds, but principally behind the bona fide love of two things: everything art and the love of wisdom.  It is a creative outlet of expression that carries weight with tremendous metaphoric connotation delivered to the masses through the universal language of art.

Designed to inspire and spark innovation, each piece is carefully thought out to depict not only a visually appealing garment but also a powerful concept.  This distinct combination defines the brilliance of The Profound Aesthetic Movement.  Rendering a positive message, pushing the limits of intellectual creativity to fit an eclectic taste in fashion and mind.  The result is a distinguished t-shirt that transcends all boundaries, suitable for every citizen of humanity. Come join the Profound Aesthetic Movement.

Click here to look at their Autumn2010 lookbook

MARKET OPEN EVERY SATURDAY 11AM-5PMCabbages & Frocks in Vogue's Secret Address Book, December 2008

The Cabbages & Frocks market has successfully created a following in Marylebone village. The market has been created by the organisers of the popular London Fashion Designer Sales.

You will see a combination of delicious fine and organic Continental and British goodies alongside fashion. Enjoy cappuccinos and cup cakes, difficult to resist whilst doing your weekly shop!

Food specialities will include: olive oils, balsamic syrup and vinegars, divine cupcakes, fine breads, olives, cheeses, Argentinian steak sandwiches, Hog Roast, Japanese delicacies, hot chocolate, organic crepes and galettes, ex-Caviar House, plus Moroccan bedouin food from Abdul ex-Momo’s.

The market also supports new designers and cottage industries. There is retro and vintage clothing, homewares, cute childrens clothes, hand blown glass and jewellery by individual designers


Wednesday 17 November, 1pm-7pm

Massive Christmas market, festive gifts, fashion, cashmere, accessories, jewellery, childrenàs wear,
decorations. Food on the go, hogroast, sausages, cakes, truffles, crepes

William Ellis School, Highgate Road, NW5 1RN, Heath Entrance
Sunday 5 December 11am-4pm

Festive day for all the family with gifts, fashion and fun. Delicious hot food, mulled wine, mince pies. Entertainment.

Gower Street, WC1E 6BT
Tuesday 7 December, 1pm-8pm

Outdoor/indoor market. Foodie paradise! and more. Including Moroccan, Italian, Spanish paella, Mexican and Japanese food. Hog-roast, organic sausages, pancakes, Christmas cupcakes. Do all your Christmas shopping, Gifts, fashion and accessories at all price levels.

*images belong to cabbages & frocks

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