I love a good product! Especially when it’s natural stuff I’m putting on my face/body.  What makes these products and the company extra special is that it is a home grown Bahraini company that can compete easily with other simliar brands! Another thing I love is supporting Local talent!

The founder Reem Al-Khalifa started her business Green Bar in 2006. What sets her stuff apart from the rest is that not only all her products are made 100% from natural ingredients but they makes sure to use local ingredients and promote what the region offers in terms of nature.

I came across an interview Mideast Youth did with Ms. Al-Khalifa and here are a few questions they asked her.

What is Green Bar?
Green Bar is my plant essence bar where I make my natural perfumes. I believed in oils for a very long time, but thought it ridiculous… and forgot about it because I was too lazy to look for proof. Then through my personal studies on Ayurveda which is the Indian health/medical compliment to yoga, I realized that yes oils are used for healing and my investigation started from there.


Why did you decide to use regional ingredients?
We have very beautiful exotic ingredients that no one is celebrating. Just a little creativity and improvisation can go a long way. They are a form of my expression to celebrate the island.

Read her full interview her.


Two of my favorite Green Bar products are the Sweet Almond Amber Body Oil and the Face Elixir! Simply Luscious!!

Have you tried their stuff? Here is where you can get them..

Online: www.diadiwan.com and www.greenbarinc.com


J Boutique- Sheraton

Head to toe Salon- Zinj

Jashnmal- Aali Mall

Purple Patchouli Salon – Aali Mall

Nature Valley -Jufair




*image belongs to Green Bar