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Who doesn’t love Oscar season!! The time has come for us to gawk at the gorgeous dresses on the red carpet.  This year however only a few caught my eye and I thought special.  The rest were alright, done before or just plain bland.

Here are my Oscar picks!! 🙂

Mila Kunis in a beautiful Elie Saab gown

The smoking hot Jennifer Hudson in Versace

Cate Blanchett in a work of art- Givenchy

Helen Mirren in Vivienne Westwood

Celine Dion in Armani Prive

Gwenyth Paltrow in Calvin Klein

Justin Timberlake in the finest TOM FORD

The designers behind Sass & Bide Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton, presented a collection of  a rock ‘n’ roll in black and white, geometric sequined patterns and spiced with gold,silver and bold prints.  Necks were dressed with shrugs and heavy jewelery.

I love all the pieces in these pictures, each piece can be modest-ified with skinny jeans and leather jackets.  Love the whole rock chick look!

Shop designer fashion online at MR PORTER. Mens designer clothes, designer shoes and designer accessories from top designer brands.  Ali Mostafa is part of the Style Council Members and shares with Mr Porter his favorites, recommendations and tips…

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Reality star Lauren Conrad turned designer has launched a new clothing line named Paper Crown. Her designs look great and definitly her styles are smack on trend.

Here are my picks you can view her full collection here.

What do you think?


Tory Burch describes her collection as “English country dressing translated through American sportswear.” Her collection is spot on and a lot more.  Beautiful boho chic designs that show us more is beautiful! With her long maxis and palazzo pants the models look stunning with their floaty ensembles.

I have always loved to walk through parks and commons in the UK and stop by benches and read the names and messages of the people the benches have been dedicated to.  It is such a beautiful gesture and a beautiful way to keep their memory alive.  In Dubai benches are definitely lacking and SAUCE have come up with a great way to get the initiative moving.  Look at their campaign idea of getting the community involved.  I love SAUCE! Their boutique is one of my favorite spots in Dubai and definitely a must visit if youre in the city.

While other cities around the world celebrate the stories told, the lives lived and the moments shared on benches, we hope to increase the number of benches in our city, so that someday, we too can tell the stories that have unfolded upon them.

Sometimes you don’t need a restaurant or coffee shop, you just need abench.

And so we invite you, the community, to contribute and join in the conversation by sharing bench related photos, images stories and thoughts that inspire you!

Click here to find out more

Banksy’s documentary Exit Through The Gift Shop is up for an Academy Award and what better way to make his presence known in the city than to start spraying the town BANKSY.  Apparently The Hills star Lauren Conrad was the first to spot BANKSY’s art and tweeted it out.. I wonder how many he will leave around the city for us to find.  Gotta love Banksy’s work!

GREAT article on homeopathy! I have been using homeopathy remedies since I was about 15 and really believe it works and the best part there are no nasty side effects.  I have used homeopathy remedies on my kids since birth and during my pregnancies.  It is definitely a form of treatment I recommend mum’s to use before heading to over the counter stuff.

what is homeopathy?

Homeopathy is an effective and scientific system of healing that assists the natural tendency of the body to heal itself. In the 1700s, a German doctor named Samuel Hahnemann, found the conventional medicine of his time to be ineffective and harmful. He found that it is the whole patient who needs treatment, not just the disease. He, therefore, found a different approach to cure the sick, which he called homeopathy. This became a safe and effective way to help patients heal naturally without side effects.

The Article Below:

(NaturalNews) Most parents would never think of giving a child Valium or Prozac. We know their physical bodies are too delicate, but their emotional life is also very delicate. Yet they are subject to much of the same stresses as adults and need safe remedies to help support their nervous systems.

Homeopathy is the fastest growing over-the-counter therapy in the United States and its remedies provide a therapy that can spare them needless emotional suffering in an effective and harmless form.

We are living in an age where drugs are given tochildrenlike candy. However, as parents, you can usehomeopathyto help balance you child’s emotional distress so they will never have to be experimented on with harmfuldrugs. Here is an overview ofhomeopathic remediesfor your child’s emotionalhealth.

The dosage for theseremediesis 6X or 12X. Homeopathic remedies come as lactose pellets or in liquid drops. They are taken 2-3 times a day for several days. If they don’t seem to be working after several days, stop the drops and try another one.

Chamomile is for finicky anger. Thechildis fine one moment and angry the next. Lachesis is for the anger of jealousy. This child is critical, suspicious, contradictory and oversensitive. Natrum mur is for the child who is very sensitive and gets angry and bursts into tears at any imagined slight. Nux vomica is used for great irritability which leads toheadachesand stomach upsets with great sensitivity to noises, bright lights and smells. Staphasagria is for suppressed anger and humiliation causing headaches.

Children express a particular type ofanxietythat can be called acute anticipation. Aconite is for chronic fright and fearfulness. Calc carb is for children who overwork and overload themselves with tasks and anticipate problems. Gelsemium is for acute anticipation or for a child who has never felt well since a particular frightfulevent. Lycopodium is for children who will do anything to avoid humiliation and embarrassment or who have not been well since such an event. Silicea is for children who fear that they will not have enoughenergyand constantly moan and whine that they are unable to get things done.

This condition is often misdiagnosed in a child who is just too bright and active for the adult caregivers in charge. It may be due to food allergies, too much sugar in the diet or lack of attention and discipline. Argentum nitricum is used for the hyperactive child with a sweet tooth. The child seems to have a high metabolic rate and is thin, pale, anxious and can’t sit still. Calc phos is suited to the child who likes to play pranks but is still shy and afraid. Physically there are swollen tonsils and abdominal gas. Chamomilla is used to calm the excessively agitated child who cannot sit still for one minute and literally wears himself out to the point of tears. Kali bromatum is for the case of the child who is constantly using his hands in some form and cannot keep them still. Lycopodium is used for the child who is exhausted but still can’t sit still. There is irritability and restlessness, mostly around dinnertime, and lots of gastric distress. Stramonium is used for a severe case ofhyperactivitywith violence. There is a characteristic loud and frenetic speech pattern.

Lack of Confidence
The following are constitutional remedies that are given to restore lost confidence in a child. As the parent or caregiver you may work with ahomeopathicdoctor on the treatment of these difficult issues. Anacardium is for lack of confidence due to abuse or physical humiliation. The child becomes hard and cold, has no feeling and may become emotionally cold and viokent. Gelsemium is for poor confidence due to anticipatory anxiety, weakness,illnessor fright. Lycopodium is for poor confidence due to fear of being in public, having been embarrassed in the past. Natrum mur is for fear of being rejected. Staphasagria is for poor confidence due to being humiliated. There is deep anger but the child will do anything to please.

Children get sad for many of the same reasons thatadultsdo. The following remedies can treat the effects of a loss in thefamilydue to death of a family member including the family pet, for separation due to illness or divorce or for disappointment. Aurum is for the loss of a very close relative to whom the child was extremely attached. When this relationship is lost, the child feels there is nothing to live for. Ignatia is for acute, sudden, overwhelming, shockinggrief; the child can’t understand and can’t believe what has happened. Natrum mur is for a child who is emotionally open and whose heart is broken. At that point she gets stuck there and shuts down emotionally and becomes both guilty and resentful. Phosphoric acid is for treating a big grief. The child has emotional and physical symptoms of loss of energy, debility and apathy. Pulsatilla is for abandonment with grief and sadness and gentle weeping.

Excerpted from Dr. Carolyn Dean’sFuture Health Now EncyclopediaeBook

About the author:
The Doctor of the Future
Creator of Future Health Now!

Learn more:

Have I mentioned I HEART ASOS! Well I will say it again…!!! I LOVE ASOS!  The 70’s trend is back with designers such as GUCCI and MARC JACOBS embracing the era.  Not everyone can head to a GUCCI store, but highstreet brands and online stores are making it available with some great designs inspired by the designers.  ASOS have a great collection out which is worth looking into if you’re looking to inject a 70’s flare to your wardrobe.

Here are my picks of great pieces that follow my criteria of coverage & can be












*images belong to ASOS

I heard that Forever21 have introduced a maternity line and since I am preggers I thought of having a look to see if its anything as fun as the rest of their clothes.  I was not impressed one bit.  Typical standard boring maternity clothes, where was the Foever21 spunk??

Thank god I am in no hurry to be wearing anything maternity just yet but for the sake of research I thought I would pop over to and see if they had anything that is more on trend, style and SPUNK! ASOS never fail! They’re massie collection of clothes always leaves you walking away with tons of stuff.

Here are my ASOS maternity picks:

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