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Win the chance to be crowned the Harper’s Bazaar

Illustrator of the Year 2011

Win the chance to be crowned the Harper’s Bazaar Illustrator of the Year 2011 and get your work featured in Harper’s Bazaar Arabia magazine!! 

The 2011 Judges

Claire Lambert
Group art director of women’s monthlies for ITP Consumer publishing. Claire has 12 years of experience in magazine design and prior to joining Bazaar in 2008 she worked for UK publishing phenomenon Heat.



Louise Nichol
Editor in chief of Harper’s Bazaar Arabia. Louise has been editor of Bazaar for two years and previously headed up Grazia Middle East. During her 10-year career as a fashion journalist she has interviewed the likes of Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton, Karl Lagerfeld and Tom Ford.


Marcela Gutierrez
Currently, Marcela lives and works between Barcelona and New York as a freelance illustrator and designer. Her latest collaborations include Prada, Swarovski, Carolina Herrera and Harper’s Bazaar. She has also worked with Alexander McQueen and John Galliano


Here is a look at last year’s winning illustrations:

Terms & Conditions:

  • To apply print off and complete the entry form and send to us via email together with your illustration and the picture of the catwalk look on which the illustration is based to
  • All Illustrations received will be judged by a panel of fashion & design experts led by Harper’s Bazaar Arabia Art Director, Claire Lambert.
  • All entrants are required to submit an original illustration of a key autumn/winter 2011 catwalk look shown during any international fashion week in February together with a fully completed entry form.
  • Entrants must submit both their illustration and the picture of the autumn/winter catwalk look on which the illustration is based before 15th September 2011
  • The shortlist will be selected on 22nd September 2011 with shortlisted entrants contacted personally.
  • The winner will be announced during Harper’s Bazaar World of Fashion, at Mall of the Emirates on Sunday 9th October.

Ends On Saturday 01 October, 2011

I was walking through Carnaby st. yesterday and found and adorable little shop in Kingley Court called Carry Me Home.  The cute little boutique stocked baby clothing, items and accessories.  The best part is if you love their stuff you don’t have to be in London to shop; you can shop online.

Here are a few of my favorite baby picks:

There is a fashion event taking place in OCTOBER (7th-20th) at the Mall of the Emirates with Harper’s Bazaar! It is a two week event with a bunch of different competitions, showcases, and shows. Below is a schedule of the great fashion events that will be taking place. There is something for everyone so be sure to share the event with your fashion savvy friends:)

ASOS’s SALE is worth checking out with prices slashed down to below £40.. You will be sure to grab a bargain and look great for summer!!

Here are a few of my sale picks…

A great video which applies to all faiths and people who have values, much respect to this young man ! It is great to see men out there who want to live honorably !

Be yourself -Unveil your performance!

Jogging? Gym? Yoga? In a sport’s team?
Live the new experience of comfort & performance.
Discover how ResportOn will enable you to free your skills without thinking of fixing your hijab.

We believe everyone should be allowed to practice sports; that is why ResportOn was designed with the collaboration of the Montreal Muslim taekwondo athletes after they where expelled from competition. Referees approved ResportOn and the team was allowed to compete once again for the first time after two years.

They want you to be a part of the project too : Click on here and give them your feedback on what you wish for in a sports headscarf.

*images belong to resporton


You can purchase any of her designs through her facebook page just click here.

Don’t you just love them all!! Well done Rabia..and thanks for bringing us great modest fashion!


I came across this video as I was searching and researching information on natural birth.  Thankfully I have had two natural births but the nature of it I find amazing and now that I am pregnant with my third I want to do everything I physically can to prepare myself for another one God willing.  It is very important when you have decided (and it is your choice) on a natural birth to surround yourself with information that helps to promote that.  Therefore whether you start hypnobirthing sessions, breathing classes, prenatal yoga, listening to tapes, watching home births etc .. it allows your mind and body to acknowledge that you too are capable of having that type of birth. You are empowering yourself and the level of fear that society, people’s experiences, Drs etc start to reduce and you begin to believe that this is what your body is meant to be doing without the need of intervention.

This video is a 6 part series and worth watching.  Thanks to Ricki Lake for bringing this topic to light especially to mums to be in America.

“The Business of Being Born is a 2008 documentary film that explores the contemporary experience of childbirth in the United States.

Produced by Ricki Lake, it compares various childbirth methods, including midwives, natural births, epidurals, and Cesarean sections.

The film criticizes the American health care system with its emphasis on drugs and costly interventions and its view of childbirth as a medical emergency rather than a natural occurrence.

The film documents actual home births and water births. They follow a midwife, Cara, in New York as she takes care of and attends several births.

They then give the audience several shocking statistics about our current birthing techniques and challenges today’s doctors.

For example, the United States has the second worst newborn death rate in the developed world. Many experts are interviewed and they cite a multitude of reasons for this dismal statistic such as the overuse of medical procedures in the interest of saving time.”

What is Fennel?

Fennel is a herb which is cultivated all over the world, although it is originally from the shores of the Mediterranean. Fennel herb has been used by the Chinese, Arab and Indians for thousands of years and has a wide range of beneficial health properties.

The Fennel herb is then made into different things- most commonly known in the east as supari or sauf (which is a mixture of fennel seeds, beetle nut and other stuff) and one of them being Fennel Tea.  You can purchase them as a Fennel Tea bag or just the seeds

These are some of the reasons why Fennel Tea is so great:

    • Fennel as an herb has wonderful antioxidant, anti inflammatory and decongestant as well as anti spasmodic properties.
    • Drinking fennel tea can relieve sore throats and can even help to reduce fever. Which is a great natural remedy to give to kids and it tastes great.
    • Have a chesty cough? Fennel tea helps loosening and expelling of phlegm from the bronchial passages
    • Drink Fennel tea three times a day if you suffer from any upper respiratory tract ailments such as bronchitis, whooping cough, and asthma.
    • Fennel tea helps with digestion.
    • Suffer from PMS, bloating, cramps or even just an upset stomach? Fennel tea is great for all tummy issues it helps stimulates the effects of estrogen and can be used to treat menopausal symptoms such as hot flushes by balancing estrogen levels.
    • Breast feeding mums drink Fennel tea to help in stimulating milk flow.
    • If you’re a breast feeding mum and suffer from cracked sore nipples Fennel tea can be used as a wash for the area. Just dip a cloth in the tea mixture and apply to the affected area three times a day.
    • Fennel tea is also perfect for helping to treat eye infections such as conjunctivitis by using it as a wash by soaking a cotton pad in the tea letting it cool and using it as a wash and it can also be used as a mouthwash.
    • “Fennel helps to break up kidney stones. Sipping the tea can also alleviate hiccups, prevent gout, and reverse alcohol damage to the liver as well as treating jaundice. The herb tea can also boost metabolism during weight loss and can aid in flushing toxins and excess water from the body.”
    • Colicy baby?? Fennel tea is gentle enough to give to infants. It relaxes the muscles and relieves the gastro tract which helps in treating gas and bloating.


I came across this which is important to share though even though its safe during later stages of pregnancy and for infants.

“Fennel tea may be fine for breastfeeding, but it may have a mild hormonal action which in early pregnancy might be unwise.

Some Native American herbs, while being fantastic for gynecological conditions should not be used in early pregnancy. Indeed, in most cases, they were not used in early pregnancy in that culture; they tended to be reserved for much later in pregnancy after the early developmental processes in the fetus had ceased.

Fennel herb tea is so gentle that it is safe enough to be used with both babies and children. It should not be given in high doses, however, as there is a risk that it can cause muscular spasms and hallucinations.”

How to Prepare Fennel Tea

To get the best benefits of fennel tea, store dried fennel seeds in an airtight container and keep in a cool, dry place.

Pour 1 cup of boiling water over 1-2 teaspoons of slightly crushed fennel seeds, cover, steep for 5 minutes, and strain.You can buy fennel herb tea in ready-prepared tea bag form from health food shops.

I was looking for children’s furniture one day when I remembered seeing MINE exhibit at bazaars and exhibitions and thought I would go and check the design shop out.  I went with my son who was 6 at the time and met with Mayssa Al Ghawas who is the director and designer.  Mayssa took us around to show us the different room themes and my son and I fell in love with the summer cottage!! I wanted that as my room now and so did he 🙂 .  Her designs definitely embrace childhood, fun, creativity and imagination.  If you’re looking to design a space no matter how big or small MINE is definitely your place to go to.

For the very first time in Bahrain!
Custom made furniture and Decor for Teens, Tweens, & Tots.
Whether it’s a Pirates’ theme, Little Diva, F1 Fan, Fairy Princess, Modern Chic, Skater Boy or Manga Cool,
MINE Co. creates a room only fit for their unique personalities.

MINE Co. customizes extraordinary interiors including furniture, flooring solutions (parquet, carpets & customized rugs) lighting solutions, wall decor (wall paper, paint effects, murals, wall stickers), Linens (customized curtains & bed covers) accessories, and much more.
All available at MINE Co. the one stop shop for creating their best childhood memories.

For a better feel of the quality of our products and designs please visit our showroom if you are interested in a total customized room experience get in touch with us to set an appointment with Mine Co.’s very own renowned decorator Mayssa Al Ghawas

For more Info, or a map to the showroom, please visit our website. or contact us on:
T: +973 77 023 232
F: +973 77 023 233
M:+973 39 411 008

Summer Cottage-Peak through the top window of the first image and this is where the children get to play!! Look how lovely is this!!! Behind the green door is a walk in closet.

English Rose Room

Nautical Boy’s Room

Play Room

*images belong to MINE

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