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 There are loads of the things that are on a mums to buy list one of them may be a pacifier/dummy.  I am not a fan of paci’s per say but I needed one with my second born as she was such a sucker baby that I needed to give her something to satisfy her sucking needs other than being attached to me.  It worked well. She was happy and I was happy.  It much later struck me when I became aware of BPA’s etc that she has the paci in her mouth sucking away- what’s the plastic made of? what chemicals go into it? this doesn’t seem like such a great idea after all.  When I got pregnant later I had no intention on introducing the paci as I realized the stuff that goes into it and didn’t see or find a natural alternative (other than me) until I came across this brand, Natursutten!

These pacifiers are made from pure natural rubber from the tree Hevea brasiliensis. Which literally means it has zero of the nasty toxic stuff in it. “NATURSUTTEN pacifiers are softer than silicone, and are very hygienic because they are molded in one piece without joints or cracks where dirt and bacteria can accumulate.”

So this is the paci I have opted for incase baby no.3 turns out to be a sucker too 😉

You can purchase these paci’s online just google the name. I got mine from this great website, click here.  It is also available at Just Kidding in Dubai.

Which shape of Pacifier should I choose?

Natusutten pacifiers are helpful in satisfying the need of self-soothing through suction and in preventing possible negative effects on teeth and palate formation created by a baby’s thumb sucking. The ‘Cherry’ design works better for breast-fed babies, because the tongue is positioned under the pacifier as it is during breast-feeding, helping prevent nipple confusion. With the orthodontic design, a slant on the tip of the pacifier encourages tongue movement against it (as opposed to under it), and the tongue’s pressure is directed towards the tip. About 80% of babies have a habit of moving the pacifiers around in their mouths which is why midwives advise to start them on the rounded pacifier. Natursutten makes the ‘Cherry’ pacifier in four different sizes, to grow with the baby. For babies, who are already used to the orthodontic shape with the slanted tip, Natursutten offers this pacifier in two different sizes.

Making the Natursutten Pacifiers

Natursutten very proudly manufacture their own pacifiers. This means that Natursutten have a direct influence on production methods & ingredients. Natursutten use rubber from a fair trade plantation and the pacifiers are made in Italy by a small third generation family run ‘baby product manufacturer’ with very proud traditions. It takes 40 days for a Natursutten to go from fluid rubber sap to the finished product, going through over 30 steps, many of these done by hand. Because Natursutten’s are manufactured in Europe under they are subject to stingent European safety standards (unlike some other brands of rubber pacifiers which are made in Asia). They are made using a ‘dripping’ technique which is a very thorough production method that uses natural rubber directly from fluid sap. The pacifiers come beautifully presented in eco friendly packaging.


Everyone has been recreating the legendary hollywood actress’ look and here are some stunning images that Kate Winslet did for V Magazine for this September’s issue. What do you think? You can never go wrong channeling Elizabeth Taylor!



Elizabeth Taylor who is an iconic hollywood star past away earlier this year at the age of 79 from heart failure.  Leaving behind her legendary jewels that will be on exhibition in different cities will be making a stop in Dubai on the 23rd of October at the Jumeira Emirates Towers.  Christie’s auction house will be displaying the precious pieces.  The pieces will then be auctioned in New York in December.

Her collection is breathtaking and if you’re a fan of either jewelry or of the Hollywood Legend this exhibition will be a must see.  If you won’t be at any of the cities where it’ll be held the next best thing would be to own a copy of her book; My Love Affair with Jewelry.  I have this book and it is a stunning collection of pictures of her pieces and pictures of Elizabeth herself!






It’s funny how you learn new things no matter how many times you may have done something.  With my first two pregnancies I never questioned or even thought of cord clamping and natural delivery of the placenta.  I actually never even thought of the placenta and don’t quite remember when it came out.  Little did I know.. I am not a doctor or a health expert but I think it is important to not take everything at face value just because it is done, we should research procedures on our own to make informed decisions. We all know how important the placenta is for the baby but have you ever really stopped to think for a sec.. when you’re pregnant youre body creates a whole NEW ORGAN to connect you to the growing baby inside of you (subhan allah).  There is so much about the placenta but I will discuss that in another post.  Back to the precious cord!

When a baby is born almost all over the world immediately the cord is clamped and the mother is injected with oxytocin to then deliver the placenta.  When you clamp the cord before it has stopped pulsating you are ridding the baby from all the rich source of blood supple that it still gets from the placenta.  Delaying the clamping also helps the baby transition into breathing since the blood supply it still gets is rich in oxygen.  Stem cell collection at birth has started to rise which may be a good thing (if a family member is ill, family history etc .. )but if you stop and think about it you are actually taking away those stem cells from the baby when the baby can benefit from those stem cells there and then at the time of birth if you delayed the clamping of the cord.  There is a concern that delayed clamping can cause jaundice, however there is researchthat shows that jaundice can be an important “oxidant/antioxidant defense system in newborn infants, exposing them to potent oxidative stress.  It is totally possible that physiological jaundice with a natural third stage is a normal part of developing a healthy system.”

Now obviously you can have this in your birth plan but the questions boils down to whether your hospital/Dr will be compliant.  I was lucky that my midwives are British trained midwives and were aware and comfortable with my choices.  When I birthed my son the midwife happily obliged and waited for the cord to stop pulsating.  Now if your Dr/hospital is not willing to wait till the cord stops pulsating (mine pulsated for about 10mins, some can go longer) then ask them how long they would be willing to allow it to pulsate for to get max. benefit (anything is better than an immediate clamp). This is all  assuming you will then be delivering the placenta naturally because if they inject you with oxytocin they will need to clamp the cord in order that the baby does not receive it.

Now below is a Delayed Cord Clamping Agreement that I had found online which I had attached to my birth plan the only problem is I can’t remember where I got it from to source it.  So I’m sorry for not being able to give you the source of the agreement but here it is anyways to benefit from it.

Delayed Cord Clamping Informed Choice Agreement

Delayed cord clamping is waiting to clamp the umbilical cord until after the placenta is born or after the cord stops pulsating. 


Delaying the clamping or cutting of the umbilical cord after the birth of the baby allows the baby to have full access of the blood supply in the cord and placenta. Having access to this blood supply is an excellent source of oxygen especially when resuscitation is necessary. 

Delayed clamping/cutting also allows the baby more time to adjust to it’s new outside of womb environment. Many babies are born and do not breathe right away and slowly adjust to using their lungs. If the cord is clamped or cut right away it may force them to attempt to breathe without any gradual change to their  circulatory system.

There is a decreased risk of anemia as babies get an estimated 50 mg more of iron when they receive the extra blood in the cord and placenta. Iron is an essential mineral which facilitates the transportation of oxygen in the body. Iron is also important for neurological development. Many believe that this blood normally does belong to the baby and if they do not get this it is equivalent to a hemorrhage.

Leaving the cord intact also assists with proper detachment of the placenta later because the placenta is able to reduce it’s blood volume by draining through the cord to the baby approximately 90 mLs of blood. Uterine contractions will also continue to squeeze more blood to the baby and the cord will continue to pulsate while that blood is being transferred.

The baby also receives increased levels of maternal antibodies and things like stem cells. 
Studies have shown an increased strength with leaving the cord intact which can help with breastfeeding soon after the birth.


Increase in jaundice about 3 days postpartum. Jaundice is a normal occurrence in newborns but is not usually seen in hospitals due to immediate clamping and cutting of the cord. Cords are also cut early in hospitals due to labor drugs used and not wanting those to reach the baby.

Reasons for early clamping and cutting:

1. Nuccal cord. If there is a tight cord around the baby’s neck that does not allow birth.

2. If family is desiring cord blood banking.

3. If the mom is on drugs, including labor drugs used in hospitals.

4. Short cord.

5. An emergency with mom.

*image source

If you follow my blog you would know by now how I am a huge FAN of homeopathy! This kit was recommended to me by a friend. I just wish I knew about it sooner since it’s great to have right from the start of your pregnancy to help with all sorts of symptoms.  The kit contains remedies for pregnancy, pre labor, during labor and post labor.  I used this kit in my last trimester since I only receieved it then and used it for different symptoms such as nerve pain, feeling despair, contractions, for stitches, for healing, swelling  and a whole lot more! I don’t know what I would have done without it. I really recommend everyone to get this whether you are having a natural birth or cesarian, because I truly feel it helps with post labor healing! The remedies are in 200c potencies and are not exclusive to just childbirth but have been put together as a kit for it.  Therefore these remedies can be used for other treatment and symptoms too.

If you are interested in homeopathy, I blogged a while a go about a great kit that comes with a book to help you treat different symptoms and illnesses.  Click here to read more on that and here is another post on homeopathy and your kids.

You can purchase this kit here.

A birth plan is guide of detailed information which allows your OBGYN, Midwife, Doula.. to understand the type of birth you are “hoping” to try and achieve.  I say “hoping” because at the end of the day anything can happen and some things may be out of your control and therefore not go according to your plan.  At the end of the day this is just a guide not a written in stone type of plan but you can learn a lot from having a birth plan.

Why do I need a birth plan?

I cant speak for everyone but for me it helped me to focus on what it was that I wanted and didn’t want.  It helped me to put everything down on to paper and when it came time to explain to my Dr. what I was hoping for it was all clear in black and white and we could go through and discuss each point step by step.  It also helped me focus my attention in my last trimester on a “task” rather than waiting for something to happen and staring at my due date on a calender.  I personally like to have everything clearly written and noted down it gives me some sense of feeling I have some sort of control.

Below is a copy of what my birth plan this pregnancy looked like (I had a birth plan in all 3 pregnancies).  If you have any questions re. why I may have mentioned a certain point etc.. plz comment below and I will be more than happy to share my reasons 🙂


Dear Dr.

My husband and I have chosen you as the people we want to attend us when our baby is born.  We have chosen a hypnobirthing method of quiet, relaxed, natural and active birth.  From everything we have heard from others we truly believe that you will do your utmost to help us attain our wish for a joyous, memorable and most satisfying natural active birth.

The information below is a copy of our birth plan.  My husband and I have given careful consideration to each specific request in the plan and we feel it represents our wishes at this time.  We realize as that as labour begins we may choose to change a few things and wish to feel free to do so.  We understand that these choices presume a normal pregnancy and birth.  Should a situation arise that constitutes medical emergency please know that you will have our complete cooperation after we have had an opportunity to discuss the medical need and assess the situation.

Please attach this to my prenatal record and make it available to all physicians/staff who may be attending the birth should you not be attending us.

For Hospital Admission

  • To decline routine IV (intravenous) prep upon admission
  • To use natural means of induction moving to artificial induction only for a medical urgency
  • If necessary to initiate labour, only a minimum of Pitocin drip to be used
  • Pitocin drip to be removed once uterus is naturally contracting
  • To return home until labour progresses further if less than 4cm dialated
  • To have dim lighting in labour room and drawn curtains
  • Do not want to be administered an enema
  • To have my husband, mother and birthing partner (if available) available with me during labour
  • To have no telephone calls relayed to room or use of telephone in room
  • To bring a tape and player for background sound

During First Stage of Labour

  • To have quiet room, dim lights
  • To have husband/birthing partner/mother labour support person present at all times
  • To be able to take nutritional snacks if labour is prolonged
  • To have fluids to sip on including herbal teas
  • To have ice chips to cool the mouth
  • To have freedom of choice to walk and move and to adopt whatever positions are most comfortable, using the floor, cushions, chair as well as bed during labour and delivery
  • To allow labour to take its natural course
  • To be fully apprised and consulted before the introduction of any medical procedure or intervention
  • To have access to shower prior to rupture of membrane
  • To seek permission before rupture of membrane

During Birth

  • To assume birthing position of choice that will facilitate delivery using gravity and maximizing the space through pelvic outlet to avoid episiotomy unless necessary
  • To use birthing stool, bed, floor squatting, semi squatting, all fours, positions
  • To have perineal massage with oil and to have hot compresses to avoid episiotomy

Following Birthing

  • To have immediate skin to skin contact with baby placed on my stomach.
  • To have father present with me in the operating theatre in the event of a c section
  • To have the cord attached for as long as possible To allow 30-40mins for natural placenta delivery –and I want to see the placenta once it comes out.
  • To have baby brought to breast to assist natural delivery of placenta

For Baby

  • To have vitamin k administered orally not through injection
  • To have baby brought immediately to me
  • To have foot print made in the baby’s birth book
  • To exclusively breastfeed –no formula or water or bottle feeding
  • To delay/omit (if not needed) use of erythromycin/nitrate eye drops to allow optimal sight binding as it blurs the vision – as I understand it is required if mother has STD (gonnorehea) – which I do not have so if given the option would like to opt not to have the drops administered.

We thank you in advance for your support and kind cooperation with our choices.  We know you join us in looking forward to a beautiful birth and celebration of this new life.

My first blog post 10days after birth!! Yes!!! I eventually gave birth to a beautiful baby boy after almost hitting 42 weeks! We got there in the end and we are besotted with our new little guy! I haven’t had the chance to do any posts recently what with 24 hour baby duty, nappy changes, nursing, 2 older siblings and wife duty but I have so much to share with you all.  This pregnancy, although my third, has taught me ALOT! and I would like to share the tips, info, and much more that I believe all contributed to my natural birth alhamdulilallah but for now this is a quick hello to everyone and a thank you for visiting and sharing this blog with your friends and loved ones… until the next post … ta ta for now xoxo

ONE WORLD BIRTH is a unique FREE video website launching 1st Sept featuring evidence-based information and opinions from the world’s leading birth experts including:

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Here is a short video about the ONE WORLD BIRTH project and how together we can help change the world!.

Come join us and help empower ALL women to have better births. The website launches Thurs 1 Sept:


Fearne Cotton has teamed up with and designed a collection that is girly, feminine and that touch of vintage-esque!

Here are my picks from Fearne’s collection which are great for a BOHO fall 🙂

Click here to view the whole collection.

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