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Here is a virtual fashion site that you are going to LOOOOOVE!!! I cannot wait for it to launch to try out the closet concept.  There is so much you can do on this styling site.  Not only can you can shop but also see if what you want to purchase matches the items in your own personal closet. HOW?? Think of Alicia Silverstone in CLUELESS and her amazing wardrobe catalogued database and that is what YOU can have now!! You can create your own closet online by photographing your items and creating a wardrobe to archive your stuff,style yourself and match future purchases.  How awesome is that!! It’s like a girl’s dream come true!! What’s even better is that they will be launching an ipad app as well !!!

Here is what they are about below and hopefully explains everything a whole lot better than I just did !

Middle East’s first Digital Fashion Catalog and Virtual Styling site. Designed to put the ♥ back into real-life shopping!

FashLink Is…
• An interactive digital fashion shopping guide
• A tool to digitize your personal closet
• A style-centric social network
• A digital scrap book with virtual styling tools.
• A Website, Ipad and Iphone app


• To be the first search engine and social networking community in the Middle East dedicated to fashion.

• To revolutionize the way women shop by providing an innovative online window-shopping platform for fashion retailers, designers and brands to communicate inform and engage customers on their products across multiple networks.

• To provide a social platform for shoppers to discover and discuss fashion items.

• To build a style-centric fashion community which provides users a fresh and unique cross-browsing experience through hundreds of apparel, shoe and accessory brands from high street retail brands, luxury stores and cutting edge local boutiques, all in one place.

twitter: @fashlinkme


Here is the visual concept:

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