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A great way of keeping warm is wearing a poncho.  It’s pretty cold here in Bahrain and  a poncho keeps me warm and I don’t over heat up as well. A poncho does not have to be the typical triangular style, there are some great designs out there and here are some of my Net a Porter picks.


Clare Tough



Ok, so I did get a bit carried away with my picks! But I LOVE Fall/winter fashion and they are all something I would wear. Needless to say I LOVE ASOS too! These picks are great for us who cover.  They can be modestified in many ways.  You can pair them with a leather biker jacket, cardigan, big chunky sweater, sweater vests, boots, jeans, courdroy trousers and so much more.  I love them all (sigh).  What do you think ? Would you wear them ?

p.s I’m loving my word ‘modestified’ must get that in the dictionary 😉 or is it there already ? ;P

Pepe Jeans Shoulder Detail Midi Dress

Oasis Dress With Contrast Trim

Sister Jane 40’s Floral Midi Tulip Dress

Staple Gathered Chiffon Maxi Shirt Dress

asos swing dress with pussy boy

ASOS Shirt Dress in Bird Print

Boutique By Jaeger Wool Check Dress

Vero Moda


ASOS Floral Dress with Dipped Hem Smock

asos midi dress with bird print

ASOS Mini Pussybow Shirt Dress with Shirred Cuffs

ASOS Premium Midi Dress with Mini Pleats

ASOS Pussybow Dress with Gathered Cuffs

ASOS Pussybow Shirt Dress In Galloping Horse Print

ASOS Shift Dress in Sequin

ASOS Shift Dress with Laser Cut Overlay

The little whispers that has been circulating is true!  Unlike the rumors of the Tom Ford collab, Marni’s collection will be hitting H&M stores in the coming spring. On March 8th 2012, a Marni at H&M collection will be released worldwide!
With Women and Menswear clothes as well as accessories. Add this to your 2012 to do list, I cannot wait!

I love calligraphy and especially arabesque calligraphy.  This collection of shoes by the brand Aennis Eunis are just gorgeous! Don’t you agree…

Here is more about Aennis Eunis below:

The Philosophy:

The calligraphy and Arabesque collections are designed to add a sophisticated yet mystical flavor to ageless works of art, while providing harmonious balance between intricacy and style.
“The designs are related to the surrounding rich elements we could possibly take for granted, and these are the elements that make our cultural images rich and original,”
“An eclectic mixture of cultural experiences allowed me to take pride in being an Arab and determined to parade to the fashion world what we can create as Arabs. Ultimately, I developed an increasing passion to design my own line of women’s wear and accessories.”

About the designer:

Anas Younis Shanaah graduated with a degree in architecture in Amman, Jordan in 1992. With a passion for design he then left his native home for Italy where he embarked on his career in fashion by working closely with experts in the leather goods field in Florence.
Keen to further his experience he moved to New York to study Industrial Design and spent fifteen years collaborating with high-end retailers, designers and stylists. His expertise in design and his eye for detail and architectural gems paved the way for his unique and eccentric creations.

Anas established his label (aennis eunis) in 2009 in his hometown where he found his inspiration in the elements surrounding him.

Anas’ passion for fashion is crafted in each piece of his own creation.



Here is a fantastic Fashion site/blog I came across that has some great useful tips.  Wendy is a remarkable person and a true inspiration.. I love Wendy ❤ why? check out her ‘about her ‘ page.  Her site is dedicated to all things fashion and she has amazing tips to share.  I have come across a few of her youtube videos that I will share with you all that are great tips!

Ebay shopping can be quite daunting but when you know how to do it can be quite thrilling! Research on your part is very important.

Here are some great video tips for those:

  • who have been too afraid to take the ebay plunge
  • tried ebay but made bad buying decisions
  • not sure how the auction works
  • find the vast options daunting and don’t know how to narrow it down

These videos have been carefully done and very detailed yet short to grasp.

Thanks Wendy for doing such a great job and being so detailed and clear on how its done! and yes purseforum is the bomb!! Those ladies do ROCK!

You can visit Wendy and subscribe to her site here (dont forget to subscribe to me too, bottom left corner 😉

Twitter: @wendynguyen

Facebook Wendy’s Look Book

This weekend is the UAE’s 40th National Day! How I miss not being home on this special day.  The excitement has been building up for weeks.  Everyone has decorated their homes, window displays at shops, cars not to mention all the cupcakes, chocolates, flowers, painted nails, abayas and a whole lot more decorated with the UAE flag.

EMIRATI PRIDE is what it is all about.

Twitter: @UAENationalDay


Official site

My daughter a week ago was trying to sing the Bahrain national anthem and she asked me to help her to which I said, “I don’t know it habibty”.  She asked me why? and I said because I am from Emirat and I only know the UAE’s national anthem which I PROUDLY sang to her 🙂 Here it the tune for all to hear. (not of me singing hahaha)

This month was the launch of the new Range Rover Evoque with Ali F Mostafa as the Ambassador for the Middle East.  Ali not only directed and produced the short film Classified which is a series commissioned by Land Rover but he also acted in the ad he created for the launch (mashallah).

“The all-new Range Rover Evoque has the Power of Presence – as Ali F Mostafa found out when he took one for a spin on the streets of Dubai.”

I love the ad Ali did for the Evoque and I am not saying that because he is my brother 🙂 Below is the  Tv Ad of the New Range Rover Evoque where the Range Rover Evoque hits the streets of Las Vegas amid plenty of chaos.

Which do you prefer ? 😉

I say the one filmed in DUBAI !! 😀

For more on the Range Rover Evoque, visit


Plush baby pad from Ah Goo Baby is a luxury memory foam mat to use as a changing mat, play mat, tummy time mat, which can be rolled up and taken out and about.  This is a lovely mat which I will be using when I go for mummy and baby yoga and other activities.  It comes in lovely colours and is removable to throw in the wash.

You can purchase Plush baby on their site or check out a lovely variety on Amazon.


*images belong to ah goo baby

Very powerful video! We all need to remember that we have little eyes watching our every move when at times we forget they are even around.

So…. I have joined a tribe of the “Red Fox”(cannot wait to receive my hood!! now I need to plan a trip to ASPEN!).

Cunning » Wise » Adaptable

People with the Fox spirit are extremely intelligent. They are cunning, attentive and masters of disguise. The Fox spirit is able to observe a situation, acquire a desired outcome and move with swiftness and thought of action in order to obtain it.

What’s your spirit animal??

Visit Spirithood to find your spirit animal.



Fellow tribe members:


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