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The new 2012 Dallas Gang

For those of us who grew up in the 80s this show will bring back tons of memories!! Ohhh boy I cannot wait for this to be released!! Good O’l J R Ewing, Linda Grey and Bobby Ewing make their come backs with a lot of new faces..

Television’s landmark drama returns to TNT next summer 2012! Catch this exclusive first look at the all NEW series of DALLAS!

After this! You will all be humming tune!!


















This show is breathtaking! Look how dreamy everything looks.  The colours of pastels, lace, the 60s inspired structured styles, flawless makeup and the magical carousel is so feminine and delicate.  Makes me think of lemon drops, bubble gums, candy floss, daisies and the song ” these are a few of my favorite things… “.

Look at the details gone into the display of the tables and the catwalk, not to mention the beautiful indian inspired collection.  Hope the designs inspire other designers to go for modest styles like these. 

This is such a cool tip on how to maintain your designer shoes or any of your shoes for that matter.  Don’t you just love these simple things that actually work !! Watch Wendy’s video and see what great tips she has to share!

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I think I am going to have to start creating a category for all things Kuwaiti on my blog (not a bad idea..hmm ).  Must must get myself to Kuwait to explore all their lovely goodies there . Here is a combination of two things I love arabic calligraphy with functional art is what you get with Silsal Ceramics.  Beautifully crafted stoneware that is boldly modern with its arabesque theme.  I love the tea cup sets, plates, vases… I love them all !!

Here is more about Silsal Ceramics:

For over 20 Years, Silsal Ceramics has been producing traditionally inspired stoneware functional art. Located in Amman, Jordan, Silsal’s passion for this traditional craft is complemented by a dedication to social responsibility as well as cultural enrichment and environmental consciousness.

The designs and shapes featured at Silsal Ceramics are modern renderings inspired by historical traditions. Using stoneware clays, Silsal’s artisans form and then fire each piece at very high temperatures before applying home-mixed, matte glazes from original recipes. Entirely functional, each unique art piece is ideal as a gift, home accessory, or for everyday use; each piece is microwavable, dishwasher safe, and lead-free.

The Silsal Collection features several lines inspired by the Bronze Age, the Mamluk period, other Islamic and regional motifs, and a modern, minimalist line. Ranging from purely decorative, to special use, to everyday home accessory, each item is carefully crafted into an original work of art.

Facebook: Silsal Ceramics 

“Growing up, my grandmother used to tell me about how in her day, a beautiful girl was nicknamed Qumar 14. This collection was made for the effortlessly chic girl with pieces that transition from a family gathering to a night with the girls.” Qumar 14

I am falling in LOVE with Kuwait and their awesome talented brands! Check out this lovely brand of female bishts, don’t you just have to have one!!!! I love the colours and details that go into them and a very cool alternative to an abaya!

For more on Qumar 14:

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When I was pregnant with my daughter I was on the hunt all over the island for a doula.  This being 4 years ago, there was no doula available and no one knew what a doula was at the time.  Flash forward 4 years and just as I was looking for a doula again (incase my mum who has been my doula didnt make it on time) I heard of Jasmine who is a doula in Bahrain! I didn’t get to have Jasmine with me during my birth since my mum made it in time and Jasmine just got back from her holiday.  However I did get to meet with lovely Jasmine and got to ask her a few questions since I wanted everyone to know that there is a comfortable way of having support for the mum during pregnancy, labor and birth.

What is a doula?

The word “Doula” is Greek for ‘caregiver’ and now we use it to describe a trained and experienced labour companion.

A doula is a woman who gives support through pregnancy, labour, and birth empowering women to have faith in their own bodies and encouraging them to view labour positively.

Doulas do not make decisions orproject their own personal prefernece s; they do help you to get the information needed to make well informed choices.

A doula’s goal is to help the mother have the birth she desires.

What are the benefits of having a doula?

The presence of a doula duringlabour can significantly reduce:

  • the length of labour
  • the need for epidural
  • the need for a cesarian

Why did Jasmine decide to become a Doula?

Jasmine is a mum of two little boys. She had a doula with her first birth and she believes if she didn’t have one she probably would have to have a cesarian.

When Jasmine was pregnant for the first time she just assumed you go to the hospital to have a baby and that’s it. She never questioned it until she had an experience where she had go to the hospital and be monitored for 24hr. That was the worst experience. No one considered what she wanted at all and no one discussed  what they wanted to do. She felt completely uncomfortable and that was when she decided she wanted to have a home birth, to avoid being in that situation and atmosphere again.  That was the beginning of her research of home birthing and the type of support available.  Jasmine contacted the NCT (National Childbirth Trust) who got her in touch with a home birth group and through them was introdued to doulas.

When Jasmine was pregnant for the second time in Abu Dhabi, there were no doulas available then in the GCC. She met a lady who was running refresher NCT classes (antenatal classes) and asked her if she would be willing to be her doula. Around that time is when that lady facilitated a doula course and arranged for  a doula company (Nurturing Birth UK)to come and train a group of ladies who were interested in being qualified. Jasmine was the one of the first doulas of 16 women to emerge from that course in 2008

Jasmine has been trained by both Nurturing Birth UK and DONA Int’l the USA equivalent. She is a British and has a good experience in the Middle East having worked in AbuDhabi as well as the UK and Bahrain.

If you would like more information, or if you are thinking of having a doula, you can contact Jasmine : and visit her here.

I did a post a short while ago on the importance of delayed cord clamping.  Here is a great video by Penny Simkin why not to cut the cord immediately after the baby’s birth.

This morning was the Beta launch of the much anticipated app/site FASHLINK! Unfortunately I didn’t get to attend the event due to not being in the country ;(.  However I did get to install the app on my ipad first thing this morning and play around!! And BOY was it fun!!! The official launch of FASHLINK will be in January so stay tuned for more news on that. In the meantime get the FREE app on itunes and have your closet with you wherever you go.  Shopping just won’t be the same!

Below and above are some images from the event this morning.

Payal Patel Business Development Director during Fashlink demo this morning

It is that time of year and my dear talented friend Tess (whom I have blogged about before) is giving away 12 fabulous prizes this month of December to those in DUBAI! T’is the season to be jolly indeed ’cause who doesn’t love photography prizes… I just signed up myself (fingers crossed 😉 ) Don’t miss out on 12 chances of winning! all you have to do is click on the image above and you’re good to go!

Check out some of her stunning dreamy images below!

You can find out more about Tasneem Photography :




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