I love sharing local talent and especially when that local talent is family! El Ilhaam is an online Luxury Fashion portal providing sophisticated women around the world with the ultimate style-fix through an exclusive range of high-end brands.

The online store features the latest clothing and accessories to ensure every fashionista’s wardrobe contains the style essentials she needs from high end designers to local designers.

Who is behind this Dubai based portal?

The lovely Ilham Abbas (my cousin) whose passion is fashion has set up a company called Ilhaam Group, which is a Fashion, Luxury and Lifestyle brand to create a new and unique platform to showcase these industries. Through this platform El Ilhaam online website was born.  Ilham has always been ahead of the game and it’s inspiring to see where her dreams have led her!

I am so proud to do a post on El Ilham.  There were so many things I loved that I will be splitting this post in to two.

Here are my first picks from El Ilhaam