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Look # 1 – Styled by Mara using

  • Jeans – Mon Atelier
  • Shoes – TopShop
  • Scarf – Stradivarius
  • Ring – Reiss
  • Grey Jumper – Reiss
  • Nude Dress – Polka Dot Cat
  • Spiked Cuff – Valley Dez
  • Bracelet – Reiss
  • Bag – Miss Selfridge

Look # 2 – Styled by Mara on

  • Scarf – Topshop
  • Jeans – Juicy Couture
  • Top – Massimo Dutti
  • Leather Vest – TopShop
  • Bag – Miss Selfridge
  • Shoes – TopShop
  • Sunglasses – Bullets & Butterflies
  • Bracelet – Reiss
  • Bangle – Kurt Geiger
  • Belt – Tommy Hilfiger


Look # 3 – Styled by Mara on

  • Shoes – Dune
  • Bracelet – Wayed Vintage
  • Earrings – Wayed Vintage
  • Sunglasses – Aldo
  • Purse – La Boutique 92
  • Top – BOW
  • Trousers – Reiss

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When did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging a little over a year ago.  It was something I had been meaning to do for a while but never took the plunge.  There’s a lot I am passionate about; fashion, health, vintage, birth, beauty and natural living. I needed some sort of an outlet to document my thoughts and ideas; a blog seemed to be the perfect solution where I can share my craziness.  There are days where the blog is more fashion oriented and days where it may be health, it’s whatever I’m feeling in the moment or excited about. My aim is also to bring to light the hidden treasures of the East and Middle East, bringing forward Indonesian, Kuwaiti, UAE  talents ranging from Fashion and Abaya designers to bloggers, artists and a whole lot more.

What type of fashion do you focus on?

There are loads of great fashion blogs out there and I am not in this to compete with any of them.  My aim is to focus on a niche topics which is the type of fashion a Mutahajiba (veiled) would look for for some inspiration. I wanted to highlight the latest trends out there and show how it could be “modestified” to suit “our” needs as muslim women or women in general who would rather dress modestly and conservatively.  You can love fashion, be stylish, AND be covered. Veiled or not veiled my readers are powerful, opinionated, stylish, modern, trendy women who all want the same thing- modest and conservative looks.

How did you passion for fashion start?

Ever since I was a little girl I would love to play dress up in my mums clothes and shoes just like all girls do.  My mother used to model and be in the theatre business when she was younger and I would always be in awe of her portfolio and the gorgeous 60s fashion and makeup.  I still have some of her vintage pieces that I treasure.  My mother’s stories and her passion for antiques is what made me fall in love with Vintage fashion and finds.  Fashion is a great way to express yourself and since I am a Mutahajiba,  the fashion I look for is more conservative yet still smack on trend!

Can you describe your style in three words?

Boho , Eclectic, Feminine

Who are your favorite designers? Ones that you feel truly express your style?

Marchesa, Tibi, American Retro, Erdem, Sass and Bide,  Victoria Beckahm, Aysha Depala, Acne, Halston Heritage, Jason Wu, DAS, Tom Ford, Stella Mcartney and of course not forgetting some true talents from our region, some of my favorites are Razan Alazzouni, Lady Fozaza, Poca Poca, Noon by Noor and Arabulous,

Which celebrity are you inspired by their style?

Nicole Ritchie, Olivia Palmero, Whitney Port, Sheikha Moza, Alexa Chung

What are your favorite fashion blogs?

This time tomorrow-

Sea of shoes-

Confashions from Kuwait –

The Overdressed-

Jak & Jil  –

and sooo many more ……

What were your favorite hits and misses of 2011?

I loved the mixed of prints and patterns. The comeback of the 70s flared trousers, maxi skirts and dresses and color blocking was huge. The attention to lace was lovely and feminine but I like it more as a detail rather than an entire ensemble.

What style or trend are you hoping to see more of this year?

I’m hoping to see floral prints, jumpsuits, floaty fabric, silhouettes and celebration of all things feminine for 2012. With the TV shows like Mad Men and Pan AM, I am excited to see how they are going to rub off on to the catwalk.

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This is such an amazing article that I just had to share it!! One of the million reasons why breast feeding is so important.  I got goosebumps just reading this and then kissed my baby over and over 😉 Subhan’Allah ( سبحان الله is an Arabic phrase often translated as “Glorious is God.” our body is a creation to be marveled at.  There is so much we do and don’t even think about or take for granted yet there is so much wonder behind it.  Enjoy your babies, breast feeding can be difficult for some, know you are doing your best and for however long you are able to nurse your baby (it isn’t a competition) know that you are nourishing him/her with precious goodness that benefits both baby and mum.


BY: Judie Rall

After a baby is born, it is natural to see the mother kissing the baby. One would think this is simply because of the emotional bond that has formed between mother and child. While this is true, there are also other very compelling biochemical reasons why it occurs.  These reasons reinforce the understanding that our bodies have inner wisdom which we seldom recognize or trust. Just as our bodies know how to give birth even if we don’t have intellectual knowledge of the process, our bodies’ biological systems also have reasons for the complex social interplay between mother and baby. It just goes to show that, more than ever, we should trust our mothering instincts.

Five Senses

When an animal gives birth, you will notice that the mother spends a lot of time licking her young.  This exposes her five senses to the young so that she knows the taste, smell, feel, sound and sight of her new baby. In this way, a mother claims her child as her own.

When a human mother births a baby in an environment which allows her immediate and free access to her child, you will notice that over a period of time she performs certain behaviours called “claiming behaviours.” She will caress the child, explore the softness of the baby’s skin, and probably count and fondle the unique little fingers and toes.

She probably marvels visually over how much the baby looks like her or her husband or another family member. She will notice the colour of the hair and eyes and other physical features. She hears the baby’s cries and learns to distinguish them from all other cries.  As she leans down to kiss the child, she undoubtedly smells the scent of her new baby and through the actual act of kissing; she comes to know the taste of him or her.

Just like an animal mother, she has now exposed her five senses to the baby so she attaches to him or her. She now feels he or she is her own. It is not unusual to find that women who are deprived of the privacy required to create this immediate bonding right after birth often say they feel a distance between them and their baby.

Health Benefits

Claiming behaviours such as kissing provide not only emotional, but biological attachment. There is a very real health benefit for the baby who is kissed.

“When a mother kisses her baby, she ‘samples’ those pathogens that are on the baby’s face. Those are ones that the baby is about to ingest. These samples are taken up by the mother’s secondary lymphoid organs like the tonsils, and memory B cells specific for those pathogens are re-stimulated. These B cells then migrate to the mother’s breasts where they produce just those antibodies that the baby needs.” says Lauren Sompayrac, author of How The Immune System Works.

We talk a lot about breast milk and how it conveys antibodies to the infant helping to prevent illness. However antibodies made for the mother while pregnant are not what the baby needs. He or she needs antibodies for the environment around them that they are in constant contact with now. Kissing her baby is a very important activity beyond its obvious pleasurable and attachment- promoting value. It helps mother claim baby, and helps her body determine the antibodies baby needs in the breast milk.

So mothers, kiss away on those babies!

Copyright 2001 by Judie Rall of Unhindered Living. Reprinted with permission in the Winter 2007 issue of Birthing Magazine.

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Here are 3 looks with one scarf.  It’s great to find tutorials out there especially for people who are new to wearing the hijab or bored with the same look and want to try something different. Enjoy!

I love sharing local talent and especially when that local talent is family! El Ilhaam is an online Luxury Fashion portal providing sophisticated women around the world with the ultimate style-fix through an exclusive range of high-end brands.

The online store features the latest clothing and accessories to ensure every fashionista’s wardrobe contains the style essentials she needs from high end designers to local designers.

Who is behind this Dubai based portal?

The lovely Ilham Abbas (my cousin) whose passion is fashion has set up a company called Ilhaam Group, which is a Fashion, Luxury and Lifestyle brand to create a new and unique platform to showcase these industries. Through this platform El Ilhaam online website was born.  Ilham has always been ahead of the game and it’s inspiring to see where her dreams have led her!

I am so proud to do a post on El Ilham.  There were so many things I loved that I will be splitting this post in to two.

Here are my first picks from El Ilhaam




Wayed Vintage is for those fashion savvy girls who love vintage accessories; vintage earrings,clipons, bracelets and all the marilyn monroe pearl and glamour!  You will most definitely find something you will LOVE since Wayed Vintage are amazing at finding stunning pieces.  Vintage hunting requires two things; talent and art and Dana Wolley the savvy vintage hunter behind Wayed Vintage has just those!!

There isn’t an item I don’t like for this collection.  Whether it is Audrey Hepburn having Breakfast at Tiffany’s or Sarah Jessica Parker on a lunch in New York, pearl earrings are the way to glam up your style. Wear them with a white top, jeans and high heels for the ideal everyday look. Gold plated or multicolored with crystal enamel or rhinestones, these vintage pieces are just the missing part in your jewel box.

The best part is Wayed Vintage ships internationally!!

Visit Wayed Vintage here.

Follow Wayed Vintage on twitter: @wayedvintage

Items can even be found at Ush Boutique in Jumaira.



I have had a few people ask me over the years to teach them how to wrap their scarves bandana/turban style.  I sometimes wear my scarf like this when I am on holiday or outdoors at the beach etc (it can be a bit tricky to find the right polo neck to cover your neck)..  However here are 3 styles and 3 great easy to learn tutorials I came across and thought of sharing.  Hope you enjoy them!

Here’s a post on supporting home birth! I have just had my 3rd baby (mashallah) a couple of months ago and all three were born at the hospital.  However my dream is to one day have a home birth! It is something I have always wanted but just not catered for in the middle east.  If I do get pregnant again (inshallah) hopefully then it’ll be possible or I may have to have the baby abroad.   Enjoy the video below of all the different celebrities who have had home births some as long as ten years ago!! This is not a new phenomena, yet an ancient practice.


video thanks to mamanatural

Artist Shepard Fairey merges art and politics on the streets of Manhatten, New York.  Such beautiful work with a message.  You can see more of his work here.

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