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If you are in Riyadh or planning on going there, there is an exhibition taking place there that you will NOT want to miss.  Chances are after reading what i’m about to tell you you may possibly even schedule a trip just to be there.  There is a wonderful 4 day event taking place in April showcasing designers of the region! Riyadh Fashion Days is hosted by non other than Maison Bo-M this fashion studded event will sure be a hit! Here is more about it below


Maison Bo-M Galeries presents Riyadh Fashion Days, a new creative platform to support up and coming talents from the Region. The new venue, located in Nojoud Mall next to the Intercontinental hotel is a fantastic destination for visitors and exhibitors, offering a 400m2 space with ceiling hanging facilities, sky light, terrace, parking and security.

Riyadh, with its population of 6.7 million, is one of the youngest (51% is less then 25 years old and average age is 22) and fastest growing city in the Middle East.

Moreover, the young generation is keen on using all the new social media and is constantly looking for unique and creative designs that are not available in Riyadh.

Therefore, Maison Bo-M Galeries wants to give the opportunity to new talents that are not yet represented in Riyadh to meet the Riyadh clientele, get to know their fashion taste, look and find a great door to sell their collection.

The R.F.D will showcase a selective product range including women ready to wear (chic and casual), luxury kaftans, leather goods and fashion accessories.

Let’s get together and celebrate the Fashion Stars of Tomorrow!

Worried if you wear a statement necklace it’ll be too busy with all the clothes you have to wear.  Here is a perfect example of how to wear a statement necklace with out all the buzz.

images thanks to meblogging

Hey everyone 🙂 I was invited earlier in March to My Wardrobe Middle East’s launch in Dubai at the Ritz Carlton. I love My Wardrobe and its boutique sense of style so I flew in for the night to be there for the event.  The venue was dressed up by the Carousel Girls Event planners which was beautifully done.  I had an overdose of sugar box’s yummiest cake pops and got to bump into a few friends ( BIG shout out to Expose 😉 ).  Sarah Curran CEO of My Wardrobe gave a small speech and everyone left with deliciously scented candles from Diptyque.  It was a lovely elegant evening.  The next day was the My wardrobe shopping event for invitees but I had to fly out and couldn’t stay for that unfortunately.

Below are the pics of the night ..

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If you some how haven’t heard already and clueless as to what’s happening in Bahrain, this is one awesome artistic collaboration you will not want to miss!!

Al Riwaq Art Space and the Block 338 community present a grand community-driven cultural and artistic collaboration in Adliya, Bahrain.

The event’s kick off is on March 26, 2012 and will run for 4 weeks. The beauty and soul of Bahrain will surely be pulsating at this event.  The area block 338 is going to be transformed into a hub for art and music! Follow @alriwaq and @alwan338

Here is what you can expect to see at block 338, where art, soul and music combine..


The first intervention of art, music, and films to the fine dining area of the acclaimed Block 338. By

engaging its community, Alwan highlights the beauty of the intimate atmosphere of its alleyways and

under-used open spaces. Enriching the art of dining with visual arts and music, emmerging local and

resident artists are empowered by showcasing their work on a grand scale.

Al Riwaq Art Space:

“Al Mahata,” or the station, documents the important stations of our lives, in a light manner. Merging

native art, installations, and photomanipulations, this joint exhibition aims to reflect the universality of

being passengers in life.

I am the Other:

Where does the self end and the other begin? A resident artist at Al Riwaq Art Space engages

with more than 20 Bahraini-based artists in a discussion which is reflected in a multi-media exhibition

taking place in a vacant restaurant in the heart of Adliya.

338 Restaurants:

Participating restaurants are altered to creatively reflect the shift of the 338 neighborhood. Discover

artistically modified facades, thresholds, and programs that embrace the distinctive block camaraderie.

The Park:

Reforming found and upcycled materials, an under-utilized open space is transformed into a domestic

public space. Surrounded by unconventional plantings, The Park encompases a stage, library, and

cinema screen with weekly musical and film events for an unparalleled outdoor experience. Enjoy

our quircky informal seating arrangements while visiting our onsite café, serving local snacks and

beverages, open daily from 3-10pm.

Public Art:

Mapping the neighborhood artistically, the public art aims to link the main hubs of 338 by coloring

alternative paths. Alwan enhances the surroundings by meshing a new layer to the existing natural growth of the block, leaving an imprint to its visitors

For more information, please visit their website by clicking here / or call them at 17-717-441.

A few images below to give you hints on creative spaces…

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This is such a genuis accessory!! I just looove this and have to get my hands on a pair! These Ibrah Shoulder broaches are great for adding a statement accessory or jazzing up a cardigan which I would sooo do!

Aren’t they so cool!

Ibrah’s shoulder brouches will be available for sale online at Hadeya Station

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Love this Kuwaiti accessory label! Looking for a statement necklace–> these are the go to ones for that statement pieces.  The beauty of these pieces isn’t just the design but that each one is handmade and limited in quantity, which mean only a few will own them .

The name Ibrah, which means “sewing needle in Arabic” emphasize the importance of this tiny tool in completing any garment or an accessory.

You can find Ibrah’s products here at Goji Boutique, and Hadeya Station.

for more info contact

I am one lucky girl who got a fabulous gift from Green Bar, a voucher to use at the Kempinski Spa where they are now providing Green Bar treatments.  Here is the post I did on Kempinski and Green bar.  All of you know my obsession with Green Bar products.  For me, the root of my love boils down to the root of the ingredients and the fact that it is as a la naturale makes me very happy and my go to product.  The Kempinski hotel is a modern hotel attached to Bahrain City Centre.  When you have achy feet for all the shopping how perfect would a Green Bar pedicure sound… heaven!!

The spa is urban, sophistcated and very zen like with lots of delicious Lavender greeting you at the entrance.  The very lovely therapist took me to the room where I had a lovely blissful Green Bar Experience Treatment done.  The treatment was for 90mins which included a body polish/scrub and wrapping the body with very warm towels (nothing like it!! ) then nourishing the skin with oils.  The treament also included a facial massage and a hair massage using a luxury oil rich mask of botanical protein.  This was a perfect mother’s day treat for myself and I am so glad I saved it for that day.  Looking to treat yourself and nourish your body with goodness… I definitely recommend this treatment at the Kempinski Spa!!

A little more info on Green Bar and it’s founder, click here


Here is the review I did on Green Bar’s Rosewater Collection, click here

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I just adore the scrapbook that came along with the package.  Pages and pages of lovely tid bit bit size info.

The lovely Lavender again in the therapy room.

Products used during my session 🙂

Here are some of the Green Bar products sold at the spa:

#image thanks to meblogging

To shop Shourouk click here

As a blogger I greatly appreciate IFB (International Fashion Bloggers writing an article on BALANCING FASHION & FAITH: A LOOK AT MUSLIM STYLE BLOGGERS.  Like she said, I am sure there are a lot of people out there who “just want to know more about all these bloggers who aren’t –  let’s face it – skinny white girls with a camera and a closet”.  The beauty of IFB is the diversity of bloggers out there and it’s so refreshing to see that our type of fashion blogging got highlighted amongst the many!  The beauty of this article is in the comment section, to see all the women cheer our type of blogging on, a true sense of sisterhood regardless of race, religion etc.  It’s nice to see modest/conservative fashion bloggers getting recognition.

Click here to read the full article.

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