If you are in Riyadh or planning on going there, there is an exhibition taking place there that you will NOT want to miss.  Chances are after reading what i’m about to tell you you may possibly even schedule a trip just to be there.  There is a wonderful 4 day event taking place in April showcasing designers of the region! Riyadh Fashion Days is hosted by non other than Maison Bo-M this fashion studded event will sure be a hit! Here is more about it below


Maison Bo-M Galeries presents Riyadh Fashion Days, a new creative platform to support up and coming talents from the Region. The new venue, located in Nojoud Mall next to the Intercontinental hotel is a fantastic destination for visitors and exhibitors, offering a 400m2 space with ceiling hanging facilities, sky light, terrace, parking and security.

Riyadh, with its population of 6.7 million, is one of the youngest (51% is less then 25 years old and average age is 22) and fastest growing city in the Middle East.

Moreover, the young generation is keen on using all the new social media and is constantly looking for unique and creative designs that are not available in Riyadh.

Therefore, Maison Bo-M Galeries wants to give the opportunity to new talents that are not yet represented in Riyadh to meet the Riyadh clientele, get to know their fashion taste, look and find a great door to sell their collection.

The R.F.D will showcase a selective product range including women ready to wear (chic and casual), luxury kaftans, leather goods and fashion accessories.

Let’s get together and celebrate the Fashion Stars of Tomorrow!