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This is the reason why I need to get to Kuwait! I know I’m a little late with my post since tomorrow is the last day but for those of you in Kuwait .. GO!!! and for those of you in Bahrain … Road trip? 😉 The title of the event lives up to it’s name! With the lovliest of the region’s designers you’ll say May Jewelry, Hollywood Saudi designer Razan Alazzouni, The Yard, Fyunka and a whole lot more!!! Do yourself a favor, embrace the talents of the GCC and indulge yourself at Pretty Little Things you won’t regret it!

I have been pretty busy past week and haven’t been doing any blog posts but I have been meaning to do one on this event that is starting today!! Where has the time gone, so sorry for the short notice .. just make sure if you are in KUWAIT to head to Dar Al Funoon to check out the fabulous things there.  With the mix of Goji Boutique and the lovely Qumar 14 you’re sure to see a right eclectic mix of products, designers, fashion etc ..

How luscious is this bag!!! The perfect staple for summer.. This could be yours at a steal…just check out this blogpost for more info on the fabulous Electric Firefly X Lemuda giveaway!!

Celebrate World Book Day with Bookworms and Kitabi kitabak at Bahrain City Center!

Kitabi Kitabak is a movement that collects new and pre-read books for children and teens and creates new libraries or revamps old ones in Palestinian refugee camps and other impoverished cities. 

Help your children participate in this wonderful event, let them pick and choose some of their own loved books that they are ready to part with to give to those less fortunate. Or take them to a bookstore to buy some new books to contribute then let them have the experience of bringing the books to this box. You can also encourage schools, local libraries, and bookstores to contribute. Let’s see this box fill up 😉
(No text books plz and keep the books for children and teens only, not for adults. Pre-read should be in good condition. Coloring books should obviously be new.)
For more on Kitabi kitabak, click here.

To stay tuned with Bookworm’s progress and to view pictures, like their page:

 Contirbute your books in the box provided (view attachment).

I am sooooooooo excited to announce that Electric Firefly is collaborating with Lemuda to give my lovely readers an awesome giveaway.  I have been wanting to do a give away for a while  but this one is great because I won’t have to pick anyone ’cause you all will be winners!!! So spread the love, share the news with your friends, the more the merrier and you all walk away with a bonus discount voucher! How lovely is that … more $$$ savings your way.

What is Lemuda?

Lemuda is an online shopping portal that has flash sales and discounts on fab designer stuff!! Heard of THE OUTNET .. well think of Lemuda as the THE OUTNET of the Middle East!!!

“LEMUDA.COM is the new online luxury special store in the Middle East.
Focusing on runway styles and trendy accessories to complete your outfit, LEMUDA.COM equips you with tools to build your own unique and exclusive style at an affordable price. You will be able to achieve the latest fashion trends of the season by mixing and matching highly discounted high-end designer products with easy-to-wear brands. “

There are so many incentives why you should shop at Lemuda a few being:

You get to Shop in your own currency and all UAE orders have FREE SHIPPING and cash on delivery!!

Plus shopping with your voucher gets you to buy your stuff at a steal since products are all highly discounted!!!

So what do you have to do ??

It’s so ridiculously simple..

Follow @maradxb and @lemudastyle 

LIKE Electric Firefly and Lemuda pages on facebook.  

Email subscribe to this blog on the top left corner 

Tweet this & FB status: “I have just entered the ElectricFirefly X Lemuda Giveaway..can’t wait to start shopping!!!  “

COMMENT below to confirm all 4 steps with your name and email address to

receive your Electricfirefly bonus discount voucher.

 Once you have completed all the above I will then email you the Electricfirefly bonus discount voucher for instant gratification!!


(Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, UAE).

 The giveaway  ends on May 15th 2012.

Here are some of my picks from Lemuda which could be yours at an extra discount..

These are great to take you into Summer with colour.

How do I use the promo code that I received?
After you select and click ‘add to cart’ please click on ‘cart’ in the top right corner of your screen and the pop-up screen features a coupon code box. Kindly enter your promo code in this box and click ‘apply coupon’. In case you decide to use this promo code at another time, you may click the ‘cancel coupon’ button and proceed to checkout.

You can make a regular o’l belt look interesting by wearing it with a twist 😉 Here is how..

*image belong to meblogging

Here is an amazing series by photographer Tamara Abdul Hadi (Sundus’ sister) called ‘Picture an Arab Man’.  The series is a collection of images of arab men from diverse backgrounds who are semi nude (shirtless).  They have been stripped down from all stereotypes, propaganda and “racial profiling” and what you see is raw images highlighting that there is more to an arab man that what we have been programmed to see.  Post 9-11 we have the media shoving negative stereotypes of what arabs look like and who they are.  This series sheds light on the many faces of our men who are proud of their rich middle eastern heritage.  You can support her project by visiting this site here and watch the video of her series.

 Artist: Tamara Abdul Hadi is an Iraqi Canadian photojournalist who has been published in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian and more. Her personal photography projects deal with social change and deconstructing stereotypes. Abdul Hadi is a co-founding member of Rawiya Collective.

I love ZARA! You can always be sure to find the perfect fashion must have trend.  Below are my picks that I think are sooo fresh for spring! I am loving the jackets, neon and coral trousers.. most of the items shown in the images are great for hijab wearers since they can all be modestified in more ways than one.  Check out the studs on the shoulders of the first jacket!! ❤ I want them all in my closet now!!! 😉

Which is your favorite piece?

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Make the most of this offer this weekend! Looking for something to pop into your closet for spring? You are sure to find that and more at a great price at The Outnet plus with free shipping!! Just enter code FREESPRINGSHIP at checkout.  Happy shopping 🙂

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