Here is an amazing series by photographer Tamara Abdul Hadi (Sundus’ sister) called ‘Picture an Arab Man’.  The series is a collection of images of arab men from diverse backgrounds who are semi nude (shirtless).  They have been stripped down from all stereotypes, propaganda and “racial profiling” and what you see is raw images highlighting that there is more to an arab man that what we have been programmed to see.  Post 9-11 we have the media shoving negative stereotypes of what arabs look like and who they are.  This series sheds light on the many faces of our men who are proud of their rich middle eastern heritage.  You can support her project by visiting this site here and watch the video of her series.

 Artist: Tamara Abdul Hadi is an Iraqi Canadian photojournalist who has been published in the New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Guardian and more. Her personal photography projects deal with social change and deconstructing stereotypes. Abdul Hadi is a co-founding member of Rawiya Collective.