Celebrate World Book Day with Bookworms and Kitabi kitabak at Bahrain City Center!

Kitabi Kitabak is a movement that collects new and pre-read books for children and teens and creates new libraries or revamps old ones in Palestinian refugee camps and other impoverished cities. 

Help your children participate in this wonderful event, let them pick and choose some of their own loved books that they are ready to part with to give to those less fortunate. Or take them to a bookstore to buy some new books to contribute then let them have the experience of bringing the books to this box. You can also encourage schools, local libraries, and bookstores to contribute. Let’s see this box fill up 😉
(No text books plz and keep the books for children and teens only, not for adults. Pre-read should be in good condition. Coloring books should obviously be new.)
For more on Kitabi kitabak, click here.

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 Contirbute your books in the box provided (view attachment).