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Ramadan is the season of giving and what a great way to give while you do some fabulous shopping as well-money well spent.  AlReem Charity is hosting their 3rd annual Charity Bazaar this Friday 3rd of August from 9pm – 1am.  The event is a ladies only event located at a residence in Tubli and there will be an entrance fee of BD5.  There will be around 25+sellers participating at the event including  Creolate, El.Misq, F by Feryal Al Abbasi, Green Bar, Haraka, La Boutique, Mara, Modern Art with a Traditional Touch, baby items by Mon Petit Chou, Murano, Pink Toro, Pretty Little Things, Unique Boutique, Velloci and Villa Mama’s. There will also be sellers of jalabiyas, abayas, accessories, nailpolish, crafts, and all kinds of desserts.

Fancied the new Haraka watch? Wanted to try out the fabulous Green Bar Inc products? Crave Creolate chocolates? Want to check out Mara’s baby shopping cart covers? and a whole lot more.. 😉 We will all be there, come by and say hi!!



Click on House Map-Tubli to see the Map.


Date: 03.08.12

Time: 9pm-1am

Location: Tubli- Bahrain

Entrance fee Bd 5 – LADIES ONLY EVENT



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With the Olympics on and everyone jumping on the bandwagon using the games as part of their advertising campaign to market their products; this one commercial stood out and really touches you.  It really struck a cord with my husband and I since tennis is a major part of our life and our son’s.  The passion, sacrifice, sweat, love and determination that goes into training an athlete no one will understand unless they are within that circle.  This is dedicated to all the parents of athletes out there.

“Being a mom is the hardest job in the world. But it’s also the best.

This Procter & Gamble commercial honors everything that all moms do to help their children succeed by showcasing the amazing moms behind Olympic athletes at the London 2012 Olympic Games. The hardest job in the world is truly the best job in the world.”

Last week a few bloggers and I were invited to Blaze Burger in Adliya to try out their ramadan menu.  Blaze Burger is fabulous little home grown Bahraini run restaurant tucked away in Adliya (on the street right behind the new La Cucina Restaurant near Lilou’s) who are known for their monthly menu changes and crazy milkshakes (heard of the Balaleet Shake- was a hit & talk of the town).  The night was filled with chatter, laughter and a whole lot of eating!! Blaze Burger is run by a Bahraini whose love and passion for the place is visible from the food, place and his energy when he talks about what he knows best “burgers”.  Blaze Burgers has just mastered their signature sauce and we were the first who got to taste the full flavored sauce! They are proud to be one of the few burger joints to serve a sauce that mainly consists of “fresh” ingredients unlike most competitors. The unveiling of a special burger took place that night which will be introduced at Eid, The Best Burger in the World.  Although I didn’t eat it (don’t eat meat) I can appreciate the passion that went into preparing the meat which is made from a complex and very fine blend of beef cuts.

The Ramadan Special Menu :

Mushroom Cheese bullets

Crunchy burger topping (honey mustard and Roasted garlic mayo),

Strawberry Rose Milkshake

Date Rahash Milkshake

Also: Blaze Sauce (not in the picture) which will be their signature sauce. Will be available in the future

Mushroom Cheese bullets

The Mini-Crunchy Burger

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Mark your calendars ladies as these are two events you don’t want to miss out on! There will be loads of goodies and fashion and all in the ramadan spirit.  Looking for a gift, hostess gift, eid accessories, eid clothes etc .. 

Princess Haya Center Ramadan Fair

There is a Ramadan fair at The Princess Haya Center in Umm Suqueim (off al wasl road (police college end)), which started on the 22nd of July and will be running till the 4th of August.  You will find all sorts of local products; Abayas, jalabiyas, accessories, perfume, baby items, jewellery and more!

The fair is open from 930pm-1230am everyday-Ladies only. During this period there will be prize draws, lectures, activities as well.  Little Farasha is participating at the event selling gorgeous baby/children products.

Date: 22nd July-4th Aug

Time: 9.30pm-12.30am

Location: The Princess Haya Center (umm suqeim)

Eventra Ramadan Fair 

The Eventra Ramadan fair will be held at the Sunset Mall on the Jumeira Beach road starting on the 25th of July – 30th of July from 8pm till 1am.  Local designers will be showcasing their designs from abayas, jalabiyas, kaftans, dresses, ready to wear, fine jewelry, accessories, perfumes, and so much more.  

Designers such as F by Feryal Alabbasi, The Ahlis, Neon Edge and The Puppet Show will be there revealing their ramadan collections. 

Date: 25th July-30th July

Time: 8pm-1am 

Location:  Sunset Mall (Jumeira Beach Road)


CHANEL opens a unique  fragrance and beauty concept store located in the Market Building in Covent Garden.  The two storey floor will include makeup stations, manicure stations, stylists, beauty gurus and a whole lot more!!! Ooooh how I wish I was still in London for this! You can check out their website to get all the details and watch the countdown of the clock to the opening of the store.  The Pop-Up store is set to to be running for a period of six months but if things are successful we may see CHANEL making Covent Garden it’s permanent residence.

Want to know what’s going to be happening tomorrow at the opening .. check out the this hashtag on twitter to get the lowdown #CHANELatcoventgarden.

Here is a picture of the store below.  To visit the site click here.

Whether or not you fast during the holy month of Ramadan,
you might find this new show useful.

In ‘Shrayha Alia’ Alia gives you regular advice to help make
your fasting experience more beneficial and powerful this year.

The episodes are in Arabic, but if you click the ‘cc’ button under
each video, you can get the English subtitles.

Episodes are added every day, so remember to keep coming
back to the site everyday.

If you’re in Bahrain, you might also catch them on BTV throughout
the day.

click here to visit the site.

شرايهاعليا؟ فوائد الصيام (Benefits of Fasting)

شرايها عليا؟ رمضان وعقد الوزن (The Weight Contract)

شرايها عليا؟ الرياضة في رمضان (Exercise during Ramadan)

شرايها عليا؟ افطار رمضان (Iftar)

I came across Oolong tea a.k.a Wulong tea a few years ago and LOVE IT!! A few people have asked what is so great about it, I am not one to retain important information in my head, so I thought best to answer that question through a blog post where you all can read about it!

Oolong tea is between a black and green tea with a sweet taste. Tastes and looks almost like regular black tea however what makes it so special is it’s fat burning capabilities. Oolong tea burns 157% (250% depending on which research you read) more fat than green tea!! whichever % you look at it’s still a HUGE figure!!! I have never been a green tea fan but with a figure like that I don’t have to force myself to drink green tea anymore. This explains why Oolong tea is a favorite amongst celebrities; Oprah Winfrey and Rachael Ray. A tea that can accelerate weight loss and be super good for you too. Wish it did something for my memory as I am sure the next person that asks me about Oolong tea I will just go blank.

* Drinking 2 cups of Oolong tea a day boosts your metablosim and helps block the fattening effects of carbs and fats
* Helps treat Type 2 diabetes
*Promotes strong healthy teeth
* Helps clear the skin and give a healthy glow
* Slows down the aging process
* Strengthens the immune system

You can buy Oolong tea at most health shops- I personally get mine from the Live well shop at Al Jazira supermarket Mahooz Bahrain

*stay tuned for a review on the amazing designer fine tea Tchaba coming soon


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 Al Riwaq Art Space is re-launching it’s Market 338 event this November in Bahrain, bringing the latest up and coming regional and local designers to the spotlight.

Taking place over two successive weeks, Market 338 is a strategic platform for the promotion and dissemination of design culture in the area, and it provides local and regional designers with a unique opportunity to showcase and sell their work. Market 338 is more than just a marketplace for excellent design- it’s a local hotspot, offering live music performances, designer-talks and workshops that reflect on current topics of contemporary design and its related disciplines. Market 338 design areas include fashion, photography, furniture, jewellery, canvas and ceramics and more!

Market dates: Thursday 29th November-Saturday 15th December 2012

Pre-market workshop dates: Thursday 20th September-Friday 16th November 2012

Mark your calendars and stay tuned for further details!

Follow Al Riwaq on Twitter: @alriwaq

or contact them on +973 17717441

Ramadan is here! Join Bookworms in L’Atelier for a story about Ramadan and all that it is about. What fasting means, why do we fast, what charity means, how to give charity. Following the story, the children will paint their own charity pot, decorated with crescent and stars to take home and keep. Adding a coin a day will get the pot filled in no time and help your child learn the concept of giving early on in life.
Introduce the event to your children and encourage them to bring nonperishable food (canned goods, rice, sugar, pasta, oil, etc), toys, and/or clothes. Bookworms will gladly take all items and send to poor families in need.
Date: 24.7.2012 (Tuesday)
Time: 11:30 am- 12:30 pm
Age group: 4-8 years
Activity: paint your own charity pot (charity: donate food, toys, clothes)
Cost: 5 BD
Location: L’Atelier, Seef Mall
NOTE: the story is in Arabic!
Click here to attend the event below or call L’Atelier on 17551144 to book your space

Saudi designer Lama Taher who founded her label Lum back in 2010 has her latest ramadan collection now stocked at the beautiful Symphony Boutique at the Dubai Mall.  For all you lovely ladies stomped on what to wear at your ghabga nights, these feminine jalabiyas are perfect! My favorite is the white with the cowl neck and the red belt- stunning!!


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