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HARAKA {ha·ra·ka} verb /ˈha(ra)ka’/ : 1. To wear with swagger 

Haraka recently launched their second collection this ramadan at their pop up shop at Saffaron in Muharraq.  I literally landed in Bahrain unpacked, settled the kids and drove  straight to Saffaron since it was the last day for the pop up shop.  I caught a glimpse of what a watch or two looked like on twitter and knew I had to have one.  I absolutely fell in love with their setup! Everything from the cushions, teacups, rose bottles, Nido tins and fresh flowers was an ode to the oldies.  The watches were creatively displayed and everything told a story.  I bought the Belle watch and the Muna-Lisa Tshirt. Read the rest of this entry »

You know you have made history when you have been Graffiti-fied! Street art of Sarah Attar, the first Saudi female Olympian.

 Amal Al Mulla is a new Bahraini Label by sisters Amal and Maha Al Mulla.  The talented duo’s designs are pretty impressive especially since it’s their first collection which makes me hungry to see what they will come up with next! I love the architecture and structure of the clothes.  Soft chiffon, bold art deco inspired prints and contrasting fabric have summed up this strong, elegant, powerful collection. 


The INSTAGRAM Camera will not only be an app anymore but will turn into an actual physical camera in mid 2012— “a camera that lets people snap photos, share them online, and print them out as squared-shared sticky-note-style instant photos”.

“Trademark infringement issues aside (Instagram is pretty vigilant about defending its trademarked name), the camera has pretty neat specs: 16GB of storage space, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a 4:3 touchscreen, 2 lenses, optical zoom, LED flash, and an internal printer that takes in special paper cartridges.”

Why would anyone want or need one since almost everyone has the app on their phones? Well .. it’ll have the same online connectivity.. but the bonus fun part of physically having the Instagram is getting to print polaroid like images there and then! This camera will be fun, gimmicky and different way to collect your memories..


 The much anticipated Doll House Salon owned by Mona Kattan and Basma AlFahim  is now open at the Dubai Ladies Club Jumeira.  It truly is a beautiful place to just chill and get pampered.  What I loved the most was having the view of the sea and the greenery outside.  Usually salons are stuffy and never have natural light! The Doll House not only made me feel like I was on vacation somewhere but it has that Malibu feel to it( don’t ask me why).   The staff are nice and super friendly.  I took advantage of their ramadan opening offer and bought the silver package which was Dhs 250 for 5 treatments (amazing value for money).  I got to try their wash and blowdry, back massage with Kyla (loved her!) and my daughter had her nails painted.  I was hoping to try out a few more treatments but my trip was short and gave my mum  the balance that I had.  She had a massage and a facial which made her so relaxed she fell asleep! They stock some awesome products Dr Dennis Gross, White Ice Kit, Glam Glow and so much more.  Ironically I won the Huda Beauty contest which entitled me to a silver package and Dr Dennis Gross products the day I was flying out of Dubai.  Unfortunately I couldn’t make use of the package and I still need to collect my products which I cannot wait to try out!

If you’re in Dubai or visiting soon you must pass by the Doll House for some pampering.  Make sure it’s during the day so you can enjoy the lovely landscape and sea view.

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I am absolutely in LOVE with Reiss‘ new collection for Autumn./Winter12.  When I saw the lookbook in the summer I was giddy with excitement but nothing was out from the collection at the time.  Reiss have really upped their game and revamped their image.  Below are my favorite picks and as you can tell there is a lot I love.  Autumn/Winter collections are usually ideal for us fashion lovers looking for conservative ‘modestified’ styles.  I just adore the trouser skirt … ❤ Now if only someone do something about the weather here in the Middle East so I can wear all this stuff!!!!

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I first heard of the Clarisonic Cleansing System when Oprah gifted it out to everyone at her show and then I forgot about it.  The next time it struck a cord was when I read that Gwenyth Paltrow swears by it and uses a serum by Clarisonic as well.  I got intrigued and started to read up on it and what I read makes perfect sense.  We all know how important it is to remove makeup and cleanse well in order to have healthy breathable acne free skin.  Washing your face with soap and water the regular way (your hands/in the shower) doesn’t quite get the job done.  Your skin is still left with grime and make up and you haven’t even scratched the surface of “proper cleansing”.  “Clarisonic Sonic Skin Cleansing Systems use a patented sonic frequency of more than 300 movements per second to gently, yet thoroughly remove 6X more makeup and 2X more dirt and oil than cleansing with your hands alone.” WOW! Now to me that made a lot of sense, if it can clean your skin THAT well then whatever products/serums I use my skin will reap the benefit of these products because it can get deep into the skin (dirty skin-causes blockage;therefore all your expensive creams are useless).  

I have been using the Clarisonic Mia for almost 7 months now and I can honestly say I LOVE it! The nights that I don’t have it with me or haven’t charged it my skin truly feels the difference and the best part is you can use it in the shower!!  My skin has been through it all; acne, t-zone, sensitive, dry patches etc and this has been one thing that has helped.  Having said that it is quite expensive.  There are cheaper versions by other brands. Sigma has a cleansing system which I was considering trying out before diving into the Clarisonic but I must say I am glad I did get my Mia.  I have attached videos below comparing the two (clarisonic & sigma) amongst other videos (a clever one by a guy) and below is a picture I got from the Clarisonic page showing the before and after images.

FYI-I bought my Mia Clarisonic from Amazon and because it was from the US I also had to purchase an adaptor converter.  I am not endorsed whatsoever by this product.  I just wanted to share something that Ive found to benefit from.

forehead before cleansing 

forehead after cleansing





    Sonic Cleansing Benefits:

    • Removes 6X more makeup than manual cleansing
    • Leaves skin feeling and looking smoother
    • Removes impurities that keep creams and serums from working their best
    • Gentle enough to use twice a day
    • Reduces oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes
    • Minimizes the appearance of visible pores


Here is a simple suggestion from a Guy! Yes .. Guys do tutorials too.. and his is pretty simple and makes a lot of sense

I came across this lovely Bahraini label called June that specializes in maxi skirts on Bahrainipreneur’s site (this site is a little gold mine!).  I love the colours and the pleated details.  The maxi skirt is a perfect modest staple!

Check out their other skirts here

    *images belong to JUNE

Even though the Olympics is over and medals have been distributed I still wanted to take the time and shine a special light on athlete Sarah Attar who made history in the 800m race.  She came no where close to winning but in the eyes of her country, people, the audience at the stadium(80,ooo crowd) and everyone watching she made GOLD.  She made history and we are all very proud.

Sarah told the BBC that she competed “to make a difference” and hopes “it sparks something amazing”.  It sure did!

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