HARAKA {ha·ra·ka} verb /ˈha(ra)ka’/ : 1. To wear with swagger 

Haraka recently launched their second collection this ramadan at their pop up shop at Saffaron in Muharraq.  I literally landed in Bahrain unpacked, settled the kids and drove  straight to Saffaron since it was the last day for the pop up shop.  I caught a glimpse of what a watch or two looked like on twitter and knew I had to have one.  I absolutely fell in love with their setup! Everything from the cushions, teacups, rose bottles, Nido tins and fresh flowers was an ode to the oldies.  The watches were creatively displayed and everything told a story.  I bought the Belle watch and the Muna-Lisa Tshirt.

Haraka is a brand of watches and accessories created by Bahraini designer Muna Yateem. The designs are inspired by our surrounding culture and society.

Haraka was officially launched on the 9th of May, 2012 at The Park at Alwan 338, Manama, where guests and press were introduced to Haraka watches, printed t-shirts, caps, and tote bags.

Contact | info@haraka.com | @MyHaraka | www.haraka.com

The collection is now available at the following retailers:

La Boutique 92 | @laboutique92 | www.laboutique92.com (with delivery)
Bahrain & Dubai @ DAS

Khaleda Rajab Couture | @khaledarajab | www.khaledarajab.com


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