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WOW! I knew the 2 year mark was coming up soon but I thought I had another month to go. To think I was nervous to take the blogging plunge and wasted a few years thinking about it.  I’m so glad to have had 2 years of sharing my posts, likes, fashion love, health tips, natural birth advice and so much more with all of you.  Looking forward to many more years ahead and big plans to come.   I share this birthday with all of you.. my readers, twitter followers, Fb friends and subscribers!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart xoxo

Here is a bit of the behind the scenes at the FMH styling event. A little intro to some of Bahrain’s bloggers.  I took loads of pictures, and you can see them all on my  instagram account @maradxb as soon as they have been uploaded.

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   The lovely Stella (owner of FMH) and moi 🙂

 Saudi blogger Munira from Arabbella

Left to right:  Alla from Sugar and Spice and Amal from A day in the sandbox Nada from Pretty Little Posts Stella Bloggers in waiting  Left to right: sisters D from The Purple Bow Tie  and Farrah Blogger Munira and I

I was invited to attend a styling event at a new boutique in Bahrain, FMH.  FMH is a very unique boutique in Bahrain and stocks a lot of great labels! Some of the brands there are DL1961, Bjorg, Muubaa, Jerome Dreyfuss, Finsk, Equipment and a whole lot more. A lot of other fashion bloggers attended as well, which was a great chance to meet the other local bloggers.  We were asked to go through the boutique and create an outift.  There were 2 models there and a photographer to capture all the images and have all the blogger looks posted on their FB page. The task sounded simple but was quite tough to decide on just one look when there were so many fab outfits I could create.  I wanted to create a look that I would wear.  A look that would be as modest inspired as can be and styled with and without a scarf.  I loved the studded jeans by Dimitris Zoz and the gorgeous geometric ring; actually I loved the whole outift!! What can I say .. am a rock chic at heart 😉 Sorry the images aren’t so clear am sure there will be clearer ones on the FMH page.

Hope you like it 🙂

There are more images of the event on my instagram account @maradxb

Here is the outfit list:

Jeans:  Dimitri Zoz

Jewelry: geometric cubic ring by Lotocoho

Gold Top:  Modstrom

Under top: Blogger’s own (mine)

Leather jacket: Muubaa

Shoes: Finsk

Neck scarf:  Katlin Kaljuvee

Headscarf: Blogger’s own (mine)




Tickety tock tock..and the 7 day countdown begins ladies.  Anna Dello Russo’s collaboration with H&M is hitting stores Oct 4th!! Not long to go at all.  Below is the full collection I found on fashlink’s blog that I wanted to share with you all.  Better be prepared and make your choices before hitting the stores.  ADR is all about excess ” nothing succeeds like excess.. ” so pile it on and wear the unexpected at the end of the day what makes it all work is confidence and ADR’s style is always extravagant, fun and most importantly confident.  ADR’s music video for the collaboration hit the nail on the head with her opulent style and her fashion tips- Fashion Shower.



I love how this guy turned ‘his’ day a day to give back.  What an awesome way to celebrate your birthday! Love the idea and can’t wait to show it to my son so we can turn this great idea into a lovely tradition.

Please share this post- we can all do with some extra bit of positivity in our lives.

The famous ballet pumps by Repetto get Niftee-fied in their latest campaign “Repetto Loves Art”.  The campaign by Repetto is to support local communities and the arts.  Talent from the region have been chosen to redesign a white pair of Repetto Ballerina shoes and AlJood Lootah founder of Niftee was one of the ones picked.

Aljood’s design reflects the culture of the UAE as she uses her grandmother’s burqa’a to redesign the ballerina shoe.

“The Burqa’a Repetto is a story of generations weaved into its very threads. Its Arabesque pattern represents the infinity of a classic piece, a symbol of strength and femininity that will stand the test of time.”

I love Repetto ballerinas and love how Niftee redesigned the shoe.   The arabesque stenciling on the burqa’a is beautiful!!


There is nothing like a nice hot cuppa to give you that moment of peace during a hectic day or like a great friend to share the end of your evening with. Whichever way you like your tea, for thousands of years people have held it in their hands and shared special moments, tears, joy and happiness with it.   We cannot underestimate the power of tea; not just for our souls but even their health benefits.  Tchaba tea is a very high quality distinguished tea brand.  Tchaba tea leaves are grown in tea estates all over the world and then collected and brought to tea connoisseurs where the special blends are mixed and packaged. Tchaba only uses top quality, full leaf teas, none of that tea dust that is full of coloring and chemicals.  Each satchet containing 2.5g of tea (that’s enough to infuse 400ml of water, so more than your normal cup of tea-keep the cuppa rolling) is made of 100% natural cotton, handcrafted, biodegradeable and sewn with cotton so that the tea leaves remain intact. . There are more than 40 types of teas and tea blends as well as herbal infusions that are unique to Tchaba.  I got gifted two beautiful boxes of an assortment of Tchaba  tea and my favorites are Paradise, White nights and Lemon Twist. The gift box makes a lovely hostess gift.

Currently in Bahrain, you can enjoy Tchaba at popular places such as Lilou cafes and all the rest of the Al Ghalia group of restaurants and cafes (Zoe’s, Mezzaluna..etc), Fish market as well as Salad Boutique, Gulf Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, the Marriott and many others.

The best part is Tchaba Designer Tea Boutique will be opening very soon in Bahrain for all tea lovers to enjoy.  Stay tuned.

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There’s a story that comes a long with this product and it’s honestly thanks to the lovely Mai Almoayed’s (The Make Up Manual) tweet this summer when I was in the London.  I heard about the MAC  Volcanic Ash exfoliator when I read one of Mai’s tweets and  at the time I was searching for a really good exfoliator.  Being on holiday with the family; 3 kids and hubby, I didn’t quite get the chance to get through my shopping list of things to get.  At the airport after being charged heavily for excess luggage and then getting stopped at security while they took their sweet time going through my bags, baby bag and made me eat my baby’s food; let’s just say I was running late.  My family were waiting for me at the lounge while I had to go through security with the baby (no point in them hanging around as well) and my husband kept calling to ask where I was as we really didn’t have much time.  Picture this… as I am running towards the lounge with the stroller and hand luggage I notice a MAC store on my way.  Without evening stepping inside the store I ask the lady (expecting her to say no) if they stock the Volcanic Ash… YES they did!! In record breaking time I whipped out my credit card as she threw the bag with the product inside and managed to make a super quick purchase in under 30 seconds.  Was it worth it?? Hell YES!! I tried the product a couple of days after I got back and I can honestly say that my skin was glowing after using it!  I love it.  It permanently has a place on my shower shelf and I use it 1-2 times a week.  When I feel my skin seems a little blukh! I apply the extremely black inky sandy like volcanic ash all over my face and with wet hands massage it all over my skin and gradually feel the little silica like grains dissolve on to my skin and then wash off.  Thank you Mai for your recommendation, it is definitely a product I will be purchasing again.

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