For many years I have been trying to figure out how to stock up on one of my favorite shampoo brands without having to worry about carrying the weight when I travel and the fear of it exploding.  I was in touch about 6months ago with the Khaleeji Shopping Guide regarding purchasing the Clarisonic and different ways of getting it.  She knows her stuff well and has a great website which should come with a warning label (lock up your creditcards 😉 ).  While advising me about different websites, she happened to mention Look Fantastic which sells Clarisonic.  Not only does it sell Clarisonic but it sells Aveda, Urban Decay, Weleda, Dermalogica, Original Sprout and amazing other makeup, beauty, hair, body products!!

Now get this.. not only are they cheaper than the retail price in the UK (I have checked and compared) but they offer


This is amazing when you want to stock up on bottles of heavy oversized shampoos and loads of other stuff that usually would be difficult to travel with and take up weight which could be put towards more shopping!!

Below is the package I received with my first order.  The Aveda shampoo bottles I ordered were the oversized ones and very heavy!! So much excitement when I received my package after having a few failed attempts traveling with a bottles and having them explode in suitcases etc. Excuse the quality of the image as I took this with my blackberry.  Last night I started to fill up my shopping cart to place my second order and remembered that I needed to do a post for all of you…

Click here to visit Look Fantastic and spread the word.. this is what girlfriends are for .. spreading tips on FREE WORLD WIDE SHIPPING and great prices..

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