I love books! I love the smell of books, the look of them and the world inside of them.  I am not one to share books though; they are just too precious (from experience I never get them back) but this is such a great way of donating your books that you’ve read and giving it a special home while it waits to be adopted by someone new.  I love how each book has been read by someone, been loved and it’s pages carry stories of the different readers that have read it’s pages.  The Berlin Book Forest kiosk is made from fallen trees and put together to look like a tree cluster in a forest.  Shelves are carved into the bark and have flaps covering the openings to protect the books once inside from rain , wind, etc..  A passerby can open the flap and take a peak at the books that have been donated or add books of their own.  Each tree bookcase can hold up to 100 books! What a creative way of sharing books, creating intrigue and interest and encouraging reading! It’s a great way to see how books have come full circle initially starting from trees.  This installation was created in 2006 and was meant to remain for a few years but has become so popular and loved that it is still used today.