There’s a story that comes a long with this product and it’s honestly thanks to the lovely Mai Almoayed’s (The Make Up Manual) tweet this summer when I was in the London.  I heard about the MAC  Volcanic Ash exfoliator when I read one of Mai’s tweets and  at the time I was searching for a really good exfoliator.  Being on holiday with the family; 3 kids and hubby, I didn’t quite get the chance to get through my shopping list of things to get.  At the airport after being charged heavily for excess luggage and then getting stopped at security while they took their sweet time going through my bags, baby bag and made me eat my baby’s food; let’s just say I was running late.  My family were waiting for me at the lounge while I had to go through security with the baby (no point in them hanging around as well) and my husband kept calling to ask where I was as we really didn’t have much time.  Picture this… as I am running towards the lounge with the stroller and hand luggage I notice a MAC store on my way.  Without evening stepping inside the store I ask the lady (expecting her to say no) if they stock the Volcanic Ash… YES they did!! In record breaking time I whipped out my credit card as she threw the bag with the product inside and managed to make a super quick purchase in under 30 seconds.  Was it worth it?? Hell YES!! I tried the product a couple of days after I got back and I can honestly say that my skin was glowing after using it!  I love it.  It permanently has a place on my shower shelf and I use it 1-2 times a week.  When I feel my skin seems a little blukh! I apply the extremely black inky sandy like volcanic ash all over my face and with wet hands massage it all over my skin and gradually feel the little silica like grains dissolve on to my skin and then wash off.  Thank you Mai for your recommendation, it is definitely a product I will be purchasing again.