It has been a crazy couple of weeks trying to get stuff together and organized work wise for my label ‘Mara’ and mother & baby label ‘Baby m’.  I am so behind on my blogposts, which is why you’re getting this one more than 2 weeks after the launch at the beginining of this month.  Better late than never eh! It was an early start of the day to be lining up for a fashion event but it’s always so much fun that it’s always worth it.  I honestly went just to get a few shots for the blog not desperately wanting anything.  While we waited outside for the doors to open a lady came out handing us all baskets.  I took one for the sake of it and fell for the marketing sales gimmick.  I ended up filling the bag to the brim while taking pictures at the same time.  Once the mayhem died down you could find girls in all corners of the shop on the floor going through their stash of goodies and narrowing items down.  Well thats what we all did while we socialized at the same time with friends and bloggers. Women are such multi-taskers! Enjoy the pics of the event and again sorry for the delay ..

  See I wasn’t exaggerating when I said full to the brim.. My bag is the middle one. Narrowing things down..  always fun to shop with bloggers  A happy ADRxHM customer. The lovely stylish Shoug A VERY happy ADRxHM customer who managed to snag the travel trolley! loved her shoes!!!  SCORE! managed to narrow it down to a few essentials  my final four picks 🙂 I know I know.. but had to add it to my sunnies collection 🙂