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I was invited the other day to the Paul Smith in-store gallery event in Bahrain City Center and my date for the night was my 9 year old son.  It was a fun event where we got to know more about the British designer (fly the flag 😉 ), get a close up look of his photography and inspirations and be embraced by all things Paul Smith.  Behind the brand is  a down to earth guy who is more than just a designer.  His love of cycling is evident throughout the store with images of vintage cycles plastered all over the walls.  His dream as youngster was to by a cyclist and win the tour de france.  He married a woman who opened his eyes to the art scene and he found his calling in photography.  His photography is street style and you will also find images of a mini car photographed in different locations; which he drives everywhere himself.  Through his photography he finds inspiration for his designs which you will see in the images below.

Now this is the fun part.  There’s a competition for all of you and all you need to do is take any photo with your phones and linking it to Paul Smith in your special way.  Anything that reminds you of Paul Smith, his products, what you think he may find inspiring of even of his designs… the choices are open.. just link away.  You can then share your images on Instagram tagging #PaulSmithBahrain . The winner of the best photograph will win a BD100 gift card to use at our Paul Smith Boutique in Bahrain City Center. The competition ends on 16/12/2012. Spread the word, it’s going to be fun! (Please note that your account has to be public in order to view your photo)

  Thank you Paul Smith boutique for the lovely goodie bag!! Love my iphone cover!!

photo-23 photo-24 photo-27 photo-28 photo-29 photo-25 photo-26

When all you can hear in your head are christmas carols; you know it’s that time of year! The best part of the season are all the lovely markets that spring up all over the place.   It’s great to see what all the vendors are selling, some handicrafts, some locally produced products & designs… You can always be sure to find unique, fun items there.  One market in Dubai that has a lot of followers is the J.E.S.S Night Market.  There are going to be a lot of sellers there with great products.  Little Farasha will be selling their gorgeous bibs and Baby m‘s much loved Fabric Chalkboard roll ups will be there too!! It’s this Friday and a countdown to filling your stockings for those who celebrate christmas and for the rest you never need an excuse to shop!


We are finally getting whisps of cooler weather and all you want to do is be outdoors and make the most of it.  Theres only one more week to go for Market 338 in Adliya!! One week of all you can get outdoor entertainment, music, shopping and art! They have recreated the 338 park and the little market is just adorbale! I have my products available at the La Bouique 92 pop up store there.  You can check out some of my clothing, wraps & tops and even my baby line Babym at the pop up store with exclusive gorgeous shopping cart covers & chalkboard fabric roll ups.  It’s definitly worth going down to check out the vendors, have a cup of karak while watching a performace.  Theres a lovely little make shift kiddie sand pit park recreated in the middle of the 338 park and the ambience is exhilarating. If you haven’t been already, GO! before you miss out on this lovely event.

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