In September 2009, fashion designer, Lama El-Moatassem, launches Toujouri’s first collection, after studying at London’s Central St Martins, London College of Fashion and working for international design houses such as Chloe.

Aesthetic interpretations of travel and culture, vintage textiles, embroideries, brocades and modern design inspire her.

1. How important is it to you as a designer to have a platform like Fashion forward?
It’s extremely important for all Middle Eastern designers to have a platform that highlights the talent of the region.  We often resort to showcasing our collections abroad due to the lack of credibility often associated with attempts at building such platforms. We still have some way to go and this is something that takes a long time to build and establish, but I felt that Fashion Forward was definitely a step in the right direction with an educational value rather than a vanity project with little understanding of industry standards and processes.
2. Who would you love to see wearing a Toujouri dress? 
I love seeing Toujouri on the red carpet, but it brings me most pleasure when I see someone out and about who I don’t know wearing the brand.  To me it shows true love towards the product in choosing a Toujouri item over anything else.
3. What can we expect to see from Toujouri next season?
We have some very exciting projects in the pipeline, exploring the strength and wealth of culture and heritage in the Middle East and moving it through to modernity.
4.  As a blogger who focuses on conservative stylish/trendy fashion.  We have stylish icons like Sheikha Moza and Dsaaks (Indonesian Blogger) to look to for conservative fashion inspiration.  Conservative/modest fashion is an untapped niche in a region where women are mostly covered or dress modestly.  What is your view on the importance on tapping into this market?
More and more we are seeing modesty become in trend. I think it’s a reflection of more women transitioning into bigger positions of power and  demanding to be taken seriously for their thoughts and skills. Often modesty is more seductive and appealing than having it all on show!
5.  If you could go back and visit any decade, which would it be and why?
I love the 50’s for it’s dramatic elegance and timeless glamour that is still so strongly relevant in fashion these days.