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With Hajj season and Eid around the corner, I am giving away one Pret a Prier portable praying gown that comes in a little pouch to one lucky reader/follower worldwide.  PRET-A-PRIER translated from French means Ready to Pray!  I have blogged about pret a prier before and how I love their product.  The prayer gown comes folded in a 20cm pouch that will fit in your bag and opens up into a 5m praying gown.  Whether you wear hijab or don’t this is the perfect prayer solution to pray on the go wherever you are.

Pret a prier’s site is under construction but in the mean time you can find them on Abaya Addict, and Galaries Lafayette at the Dubai Mall. You can even follow them on facebook (click here) and instagram (@pretaprier)

The number of entries of a single person depends on how many steps you have completed.  Each step is one point.  The more steps you complete, the more entries into the draw,  thus the more chances of winning!!

Comment below with the no. of steps completed  and include your name and email address.  Share the love.. this giveaway is open for my readers wordwide!!!

What do you have to do?

1. Subscribe to the blog by clicking here= +1 point

2.  Like me on facebook by clicking here=+1 point

3. If you have instagram then follow me (girls only) and  repost the giveaway

picture with the sentence below and use the hashtag :

Don’t miss this !! I have just entered the @maradxb  giveaway to win the @pretaprier #prayerfectsolution” +1

4. If you have twitter then you can retweet the giveaway tweet with this sentence

Don’t miss this !! I have just entered the @maradxb  giveaway to win the @pretaprier #prayerfectsolution” +1


**Giveaway ends 12th/Oct and a name will be pulled through a draw**