I am very very sad to say that unfortunately after all the INGLOT O2M madness, that it turned out not to be quite what it seemed.  I am gutted! It may sound a tad dramatic, but I as soo excited to finally be able to wear nailpolish without worrying about my salaaat.  I was totally convinced by what they marketed and said how it is created from a polymer similar to contact lenses; so to me it made complete sense. I wore it for months without a flinch and now I feel awful.  I didn’t even consider testing it, until I started to notice others testing it and it was coming up negative.  I wanted to believe so bad that for me it would work, which is why I didn’t do an itty bitty patch test but a massive patch and put a lot of water and massaged it in for a while etc.. (maybe if I get the time I will post my own test online) but sadly it didn’t pass the test at all! In hindsight I should have tested it before buying a massive stock of O2M.. oh well..

I am back to going nailpolish bare and my nails are suffering as I work with my hands a lot my nails tend to get a battering and with nailpolish they were always protected.  There seems to be a nailpolish brand mentioned in the video called Tuesday in Love, that has water permeable written on the bottle.  I haven’t tested it out myself, so I cannot vouch for it but the evidence is clear in the video when it is used on it’s own without a top coat, that water definitely seeps through.

Anyways, I wanted to do a repost on the post I previously did on the halal nailpolish, which it clearly isn’t so that my conscious is clear and my readers are aware.   I will be deleting the old post as well just so that it doesn’t get confusing.

I would skip through the first video below till you get to 5mins into the recording, as the beginning is just an intro to both nailpolishes.

Hope this was helpful


and here’s another video of the fabulous Dina Tokio