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image_15 Firstly I would like to say, my pictures don’t do the food justice.  The lighting is really dim at the restaurant but I tried my best to capture images of our order and the exquisite food we devoured.  I was invited along with friends to come and try the new menu at Zoe.  It was a fun night of catching up and yummy food; and thats what it should always be about.  We all ordered different stuff form the menu to keep it the choices varied.  The food was so good that night and definitely worth a second (and more) visit.

Adliya block 338 has become such  a great place to hang out, walk, soak in the arts and just a great atmosphere day or night.

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alreem english flyer

The much anticipated Ramadan event is just around the corner! AlReem Charity is holding their 4th even on the 12th of July and a seriously amazing group of vendors will be there displaying their goods!! Here is a chance to do some fab holiday, eid shopping as well as spending towards a good cause.  Curious as how AlReem Charity came about? Who are the dedicated girls behind AlReem? How does your contribution make a difference?  Read the rest of this entry »

cover Ramadan is just around the corner and everyone is starting to gather recipes to impress their families and guests during this season.  The launch of ‘From Our World to Your Plate’ at Kinokuniya Book store (Dubai Mall) has cooked up quite a stir with everyone trying to grab a copy and get cooking in the kitchen.  At the moment this cookbook is only available in the UAE (will be online soon) but I have just one copy to giveaway to one very lucky reader in Bahrain, just in time for Ramadan!!!! To enter the giveaway just click on this link.

From Our World To Your Plate Cookbook Giveaway
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The cookbook is a collection of recipes gathered from parents and teachers at Jumeira Baccalaureate School in Dubai. The idea started as a group of friends sharing food, and evolved into an exquisite book filled with recipes from all around the world. The cookbook, which is expected to inspire people of all ages, comprises over 150 recipes, and saw people sharing recipes that have been part of their families for generations.

Producing this book aims to support Dubai Cares, the UAE based philanthropic organization that is close to the parents’ hearts. The parents are blessed with happy, healthy and well fed children and therefore the aim was to find a charity that improves the lives of children who are not as fortunate.

Mrs Si Youcef, one of the founders of the cookbook said: “Creating the cookbook involved hard work such as preparing the food, styling, photography, graphic design and editing. In spite of this, it has been an absolute joy putting together this precious book, especially knowing that children, just like our own, somewhere in the world, will benefit. It would not have been possible without all of the recipe contributors and advertisers.”

For more information visit or follow on Facebook and Instagram (FOWTYP)

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Down to Earth is a cafe/market on High Street Kensington, London that sells organic, vegetarian, vegan and raw food.  I am always on the look out for great bites to eat out in London that cater to food requirements.  Walking into Down to Earth you are greeted with a welcoming menu and colorful food behind the glass.  I was not that hungry but my stomach wouldn’t listen and my eyes were taking over.  I couldn’t decide between the Shepherd’s pie or the Raw Lasagne, so I had both! (face palm).  I am so glad I did because I am the type that would lay in bed late at night wondering what it may have tasted like and I got it out of my system.   Read the rest of this entry »


There’s a new restaurant opened in Durrat Al Bahrain and it’s causing quite a buzz! Where vintage meets modern; step back in time where things were simple, food was great, company was always lively and stories were told over cup and cups of tea and gahwa.  If you haven’t ventured down or up (not sure what it looks like on the map) then am sure you have either heard about it through friends or checked them out on instagram @basta23bh.  At Basta you will find traditional Bahraini breakfast, dishes, grills and dessert.  Looking for a bit of nostalgia, how about ordering Chips Oman with Cheese and chili sauce or a Samboosa Sandwhich.  That will surely take you back to the good o’l days of when we were young getting our grub from the baqala (barrada) or school cafeterias.  The decor is a throwback to the days where you bought your spices from the souq and dishes were served in hot pots, and arabic 60s music was blaring in the background.

Basta 23 is owned by Amer Alkhan with his wife Sara Buiji and it is very much a family affair.  You will find all members of the family there taking orders, serving the customers and even preparing meals.  A true Bahraini love, warmth and hospitality is felt the minute you walk into Basta and you leave as part of the family.  Basta 23 will be opening branches in town soon.  Location to be revealed later.  In the mean time head up/down 😉 to Durrat with your family and enjoy some Basta time with your loved ones.














iol With the Basta girls left: Eman Alkhan and right: Sara Buhiji

There’s a beautiful farmer’s market in Bahrain, that gives you more than the fruit and veggie that you buy.  I had heard of the farmer’s market in Budaiya and wanted to check out but I didn’t realize the emotions it would bring out in me.  Ok, maybe I am a bit on the emotional, sentimental side but there was something truly magical about the place and I was beaming with it’s aura.  I was first taken a back by the beautiful setting.  It is located at a lush green garden in Budaiya and it made me think that this is what they meant when they say that Bahrain used to be green and full of date palms.  The place was buzzing with people of all nationalities and all the farmer’s had their produce displayed attractively.  There are some farm animals on display which I am assuming is to entertain, educate and allow the kids to pet them (don’t think they were on sale.. or were they :s ? unless you have live cow on your grocery list :p).  I suggest you visit early Sat as it starts from 8am till noon.  You want to be there early to even take advantage of the Bahraini breakfast stalls that offer fresh yummy brekkies.  The line can be quite long and I was there at 10am.  I bumped into some friends there and we were so overwhelmed with the market and how beautiful it was to see everyone buy, sell, laugh, eat, drink tea, picnic in such beautiful, peaceful harmony.  I literally teared up.  This is the Bahrain I know and LOVE.  These are the people of this beautiful island.  Visiting the market not only do you go home with your week’s worth essential grocery shopping but you leave with a heartfelt piece that represents this island.

Location Budaiya Garden – Keep heading straight and pass al Osra till you head passed a few roundabouts.  You will start noticing the signs. The market is held every Sat from 8am till Noon till then end of MAY.

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I was invited a few weeks ago along with my @bahrainbloggers group to attend the tasting for the upcoming Friday brunch menu on the 15th Feb at Al Aali mall.  We showed up knowing we would be filling our tummies with yummy goodies but Ohhhh My!!! .. plate after plate of delicious food came our way one by one… I didn’t think we could make it through the whole menu.. but you will be proud to hear we succeeded (lol).. we stuffed our faces but all for the cause of “tasting”.. it’s a tough job :p  The crab thermidor, salmon tikka and aubergine penne arabiatta were soooo good!!!

I am still trying to get the hang of taking pictures with my iphone5 so please bare with me till I get the quality right.


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We are finally getting whisps of cooler weather and all you want to do is be outdoors and make the most of it.  Theres only one more week to go for Market 338 in Adliya!! One week of all you can get outdoor entertainment, music, shopping and art! They have recreated the 338 park and the little market is just adorbale! I have my products available at the La Bouique 92 pop up store there.  You can check out some of my clothing, wraps & tops and even my baby line Babym at the pop up store with exclusive gorgeous shopping cart covers & chalkboard fabric roll ups.  It’s definitly worth going down to check out the vendors, have a cup of karak while watching a performace.  Theres a lovely little make shift kiddie sand pit park recreated in the middle of the 338 park and the ambience is exhilarating. If you haven’t been already, GO! before you miss out on this lovely event.

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There is nothing like a nice hot cuppa to give you that moment of peace during a hectic day or like a great friend to share the end of your evening with. Whichever way you like your tea, for thousands of years people have held it in their hands and shared special moments, tears, joy and happiness with it.   We cannot underestimate the power of tea; not just for our souls but even their health benefits.  Tchaba tea is a very high quality distinguished tea brand.  Tchaba tea leaves are grown in tea estates all over the world and then collected and brought to tea connoisseurs where the special blends are mixed and packaged. Tchaba only uses top quality, full leaf teas, none of that tea dust that is full of coloring and chemicals.  Each satchet containing 2.5g of tea (that’s enough to infuse 400ml of water, so more than your normal cup of tea-keep the cuppa rolling) is made of 100% natural cotton, handcrafted, biodegradeable and sewn with cotton so that the tea leaves remain intact. . There are more than 40 types of teas and tea blends as well as herbal infusions that are unique to Tchaba.  I got gifted two beautiful boxes of an assortment of Tchaba  tea and my favorites are Paradise, White nights and Lemon Twist. The gift box makes a lovely hostess gift.

Currently in Bahrain, you can enjoy Tchaba at popular places such as Lilou cafes and all the rest of the Al Ghalia group of restaurants and cafes (Zoe’s, Mezzaluna..etc), Fish market as well as Salad Boutique, Gulf Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, the Marriott and many others.

The best part is Tchaba Designer Tea Boutique will be opening very soon in Bahrain for all tea lovers to enjoy.  Stay tuned.

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 A week ago I received a lovely ramadan goodie basket from Cafe lilou, Adliya Bahrain which I tweeted about.  Here is the delicious treats below.  This is a special gift basket Lilou has put together which is ideal when you’re visiting and looking for the perfect hostess gift.  Ramadan is almost over *sob sob* but this would still be a great treat to give someone so that they can enjoy it as an Eid morning breakfast delicacy.     


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