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The INSTAGRAM Camera will not only be an app anymore but will turn into an actual physical camera in mid 2012— “a camera that lets people snap photos, share them online, and print them out as squared-shared sticky-note-style instant photos”.

“Trademark infringement issues aside (Instagram is pretty vigilant about defending its trademarked name), the camera has pretty neat specs: 16GB of storage space, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, a 4:3 touchscreen, 2 lenses, optical zoom, LED flash, and an internal printer that takes in special paper cartridges.”

Why would anyone want or need one since almost everyone has the app on their phones? Well .. it’ll have the same online connectivity.. but the bonus fun part of physically having the Instagram is getting to print polaroid like images there and then! This camera will be fun, gimmicky and different way to collect your memories..


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