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Aren’t these the coolest bibs ever!!!! I absolutely love them and so does my little bubba above!! Keyffiah bibs will surely rock your little one’s outfit.  These bibs are by Little Farasha who happens to be my sister in law Maha Gorton’s new business.  I love home businesses and support them all the way!

Check out these bibs and other products here.

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My little Bubba in his bug in a rug wrap !

Here is another great company Baby Rug  that makes swaddles with toes, and this one I bought for my baby now and we use it all the time. It is a great lightweight summer one which gives just enough protection from the heat of the sun but cozy at the same time.!

Product Information

The original multipurpose baby wrap is also available in a lightweight honeycomb knit. When going on holiday with your tiny one, special care is needed to protect from the sun, this wrap provides  a UPF 30+ rating these are a perfect addition to your babys summer wardrobe!more info

  •  Multi-use blanket, for car seat or buggy or sling carrier.
  • Open fabric weave specially designed to breathe easily
  • Keeps your baby cool while giving the cocooned/swaddled feeling.
  • Velcro ties allowing you to regulate baby’s temperature,
  • Funky bright colours, an essential addition t to your baby’s  wardrobe
  • Easily stored in a nappy change bag, ideal for holidays on the beach

I was in search of a car seat cover to use when I take my baby with me to the park, beach, outings etc .. Being out and about little babies are sensitive to the sun (some exposure is obviously good) and especially all the dust and bugs flying around.  So what would keep my baby in a nice shade and keep the flies away?? The Babba Cover ofcourse! If you are by the pool with your other kids you can happily know that your baby is safely shaded, spf +5o fabric protected and fly free buzzing free.  The Babba Cover is simple, functional and has a window with a flap for easy access and front view of your baby and with the mesh net on the sides your baby still has sight of whats happening around him.  The covers are also available in seasonal fabrics.

You can purchase Babba Covers and search their range here or search on amazon.


I bought this swaddle a few years ago when I gave birth to my daughter! It was perfect since I was looking for a wintery type swaddle and particulary something I could put her in while she was in her car seat! It is such a great idea which can be worn in a car seat, in a baby carrier, sling etc.. no more tucking in the blanket and having the baby kick it off!!

You can purchase Gobaby Teddytoes Couture Swaddle Blanket with Feet on amazon or on their official site

There is nothing I LOVE more than finding an AMAZING product!! New born babies have the tendency to have stuffy noses and since this is my 3rd baby I have tried all sorts of nose aspirators of all shapes and sizes and frankly nothing compares to the snotsucker by NoseFrida.  It may come across a little gross but its not and is very simple and easy to use and very very effective!! I came across this product on amazon and really wish it mentioned the need to buy the separate extra filters.  I just got back from Dubai and was raving about this product to all the new mums there.  My sister in law found that DubaiBabies the store sell it and sell the filters too… YAY I got to stock up!!!

All you mums out there with stuffy babies you will be thanking me everytime you use it!! Turns out Victoria Beckham is  fan too .. You can never be too posh to suck out snot! hehehe sorry couldnt help myself 😉




 There are loads of the things that are on a mums to buy list one of them may be a pacifier/dummy.  I am not a fan of paci’s per say but I needed one with my second born as she was such a sucker baby that I needed to give her something to satisfy her sucking needs other than being attached to me.  It worked well. She was happy and I was happy.  It much later struck me when I became aware of BPA’s etc that she has the paci in her mouth sucking away- what’s the plastic made of? what chemicals go into it? this doesn’t seem like such a great idea after all.  When I got pregnant later I had no intention on introducing the paci as I realized the stuff that goes into it and didn’t see or find a natural alternative (other than me) until I came across this brand, Natursutten!

These pacifiers are made from pure natural rubber from the tree Hevea brasiliensis. Which literally means it has zero of the nasty toxic stuff in it. “NATURSUTTEN pacifiers are softer than silicone, and are very hygienic because they are molded in one piece without joints or cracks where dirt and bacteria can accumulate.”

So this is the paci I have opted for incase baby no.3 turns out to be a sucker too 😉

You can purchase these paci’s online just google the name. I got mine from this great website, click here.  It is also available at Just Kidding in Dubai.

Which shape of Pacifier should I choose?

Natusutten pacifiers are helpful in satisfying the need of self-soothing through suction and in preventing possible negative effects on teeth and palate formation created by a baby’s thumb sucking. The ‘Cherry’ design works better for breast-fed babies, because the tongue is positioned under the pacifier as it is during breast-feeding, helping prevent nipple confusion. With the orthodontic design, a slant on the tip of the pacifier encourages tongue movement against it (as opposed to under it), and the tongue’s pressure is directed towards the tip. About 80% of babies have a habit of moving the pacifiers around in their mouths which is why midwives advise to start them on the rounded pacifier. Natursutten makes the ‘Cherry’ pacifier in four different sizes, to grow with the baby. For babies, who are already used to the orthodontic shape with the slanted tip, Natursutten offers this pacifier in two different sizes.

Making the Natursutten Pacifiers

Natursutten very proudly manufacture their own pacifiers. This means that Natursutten have a direct influence on production methods & ingredients. Natursutten use rubber from a fair trade plantation and the pacifiers are made in Italy by a small third generation family run ‘baby product manufacturer’ with very proud traditions. It takes 40 days for a Natursutten to go from fluid rubber sap to the finished product, going through over 30 steps, many of these done by hand. Because Natursutten’s are manufactured in Europe under they are subject to stingent European safety standards (unlike some other brands of rubber pacifiers which are made in Asia). They are made using a ‘dripping’ technique which is a very thorough production method that uses natural rubber directly from fluid sap. The pacifiers come beautifully presented in eco friendly packaging.


I was walking through Carnaby st. yesterday and found and adorable little shop in Kingley Court called Carry Me Home.  The cute little boutique stocked baby clothing, items and accessories.  The best part is if you love their stuff you don’t have to be in London to shop; you can shop online.

Here are a few of my favorite baby picks:

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