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RAsha Yousif

I have always loved and appreciated photography but this photgrapher has gotten all my 5 senses hightened with every image and with every audio slideshow. Her images have so much life behind them; they are ‘not just a photo’. Rasha Yousif is an aspiring travel photographer and has already shot in quite a few countries. She is a dear friend and a member of Bahrain Bloggers. It’s about time she edit the ‘aspiring’ part and give her self the title she well deserves. Read the rest of this entry »

Back in March my Bahrain Blogger‘s group got together with award winning photographer  Ali Sharaf to get some individual shots and group photos taken.  It was a lovely ‘hot’ morning in muharraq at the Sheikh Isa Bin Ali House.  The architecture was beautiful and it was the prefect setting, if you haven’t been it is worth the visit.  We had lots of fun messing around and taking our own shots while waiting for our turns.  Here is a peak of how the day went.

Who are we?

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IMG_3213 How to Start Your Own Fashion Label: London College of Fashion (Toby Meadows) 

The last day of Fashion Forward and I got to attend some great shows; Tresors Sauvages, Amira Haroon, Zayan the Label, Amato and Ayesha Depala.  It was a fun fashion filled 3 days and am so glad I got to attend the very first one.  I am looking forward to the next one later this year in October, it can only get better!   Read the rest of this entry »

On Saturday I attended a book launch at Words book store in Budaiya.  Bahraini author and fellow Bahrain Bloggers member; Nazli Tawfeeqi held a book signing introducing her first fictional book My Foggy Tomorrow.  The crowd was buzzing and everyone was excited celebrating a local talent and author, amongst the people there was Foreign Minister Sheikh Khalid Al Khalifa (@khalidalkhalifa).  Nazli is the President & Founder of New Dawn Society, the first young women society in Bahrain since 2006 and a founding member of Bahrain Bloggers.  Nazli’s book is a social drama about love, betrayal, belief and beyond.

Get your copy from Words Book store in Budaiya and catch Nazli this weekend at Bab Market in Manama Bab Al Bahrain.






I am so excited to share the pictures with you of the editorial shoot by photographer Ali sharaf and Bahraini label Monsoori by Shaima Al Monsoori.  I only got to attend the first day of the two day shooting as I had other commitments so to see the beautiful designs that I missed on the first day finalized and in print made my jaw drop! The team had a vision of  the theme, they worked hard until they nailed it and it truly paid off.  How stunning is everything in these shots! Monsoori is a delicate, feminine and stunning label and I need that gorgeous LBD (little black dress) in my wardrobe NOW!!! I am truly a fan!

The editorial shots in L’officiel magazine

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Last month the #bahrainbloggers were invited to attend a fashion editorial photo shoot by award winning photographer Ali Sharaf and award winning designer Shaima Al Mansoori.  The editorial images are out in the latest L’officiel magazine this week, so be sure to grab your copy! The two day shoot was split into two parts; an editorial shoot for L’officiel magazine and a Monsoori A/W 2012 campaign.  Being part of the #bahrainbloggers I was excited to attend as it’s always fun to be on set, see the whole preparation and be caught up in the action.  We got to chat with the lovely designer Shaima Al Monsoori who gave us a little background info on her label and who was bubbly and excited to have us on set. The location chosen for the shoot was beautiful! The house with it’s gorgeous architecture set on a beach front is a gorgeous ode to Bahrain. Ali Sharaf, Fahad Al Dosseri (stylist/director) and the rest of the team did an amazing job capturing the essence of Monsoori designs.  What I truly loved about being on the set was that mainly everyone working on the team from the makeup artist, photographer, designer and so on were Bahraini.  There is so much talent on this beautiful island and it’s always great to see the local talent being used and not outsourced.  I was introduced to Monsoori label on the set and fell in love instantly.  I love the intricate detail of the workmanship, the beautiful lines, structure and fabric chosen for the collection.  The beauty of Monsoori is the designs are timeless, graceful and will always remain appealing.

I have been so excited to share with you these pictures (if you follow me on instagram you may have seen a few) but wanted to wait to do the blogpost once editorial was ready.  Below are the behind the scenes pictures I took on the day.  The pictures are now officially out in L’officiel and I will be posting them in the following blogpost.

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The Moda Mall style lounge event just ended on the 30th of Oct.  I attended the opening along side other #bahrainbloggers and the lovely Joelle was there to talk about makeup, beauty, style and fashion.  If you didn’t make it to the 2 week event you missed out! The Moda Mall style lounge were offering free styling services.  On location there were hair experts, nail services, image and fashion consultants and so much more.  For those of you who followed our tweets.. did you manage to make it to the event? Did you make use of the free services?  Let us know and share your experiences.  Below are the images of the opening day.

       Left to right: THE Ali Fareed ;), me, Joelle, Mai from The Makeup Manual, Nada from Pretty little posts 

  WOW it’s been a year already!! It’s that time of year and the 2nd edition to the successful event that is held in Riyadh.  Riyadh Fashion Days is a major fashion event hosting fashion shows every day for 5 days and showcasing the brand new Autumn/winter collection exclusive to Maison BO-M.  RFD focuses on promoting local talent. Participating at this event will be 25 designers from the region.  Follow the hash tag #RFD12 for updates.

It has been a crazy couple of weeks trying to get stuff together and organized work wise for my label ‘Mara’ and mother & baby label ‘Baby m’.  I am so behind on my blogposts, which is why you’re getting this one more than 2 weeks after the launch at the beginining of this month.  Better late than never eh! It was an early start of the day to be lining up for a fashion event but it’s always so much fun that it’s always worth it.  I honestly went just to get a few shots for the blog not desperately wanting anything.  While we waited outside for the doors to open a lady came out handing us all baskets.  I took one for the sake of it and fell for the marketing sales gimmick.  I ended up filling the bag to the brim while taking pictures at the same time.  Once the mayhem died down you could find girls in all corners of the shop on the floor going through their stash of goodies and narrowing items down.  Well thats what we all did while we socialized at the same time with friends and bloggers. Women are such multi-taskers! Enjoy the pics of the event and again sorry for the delay ..

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WOW! I knew the 2 year mark was coming up soon but I thought I had another month to go. To think I was nervous to take the blogging plunge and wasted a few years thinking about it.  I’m so glad to have had 2 years of sharing my posts, likes, fashion love, health tips, natural birth advice and so much more with all of you.  Looking forward to many more years ahead and big plans to come.   I share this birthday with all of you.. my readers, twitter followers, Fb friends and subscribers!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart xoxo

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