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Last week a few bloggers and I were invited to Blaze Burger in Adliya to try out their ramadan menu.  Blaze Burger is fabulous little home grown Bahraini run restaurant tucked away in Adliya (on the street right behind the new La Cucina Restaurant near Lilou’s) who are known for their monthly menu changes and crazy milkshakes (heard of the Balaleet Shake- was a hit & talk of the town).  The night was filled with chatter, laughter and a whole lot of eating!! Blaze Burger is run by a Bahraini whose love and passion for the place is visible from the food, place and his energy when he talks about what he knows best “burgers”.  Blaze Burgers has just mastered their signature sauce and we were the first who got to taste the full flavored sauce! They are proud to be one of the few burger joints to serve a sauce that mainly consists of “fresh” ingredients unlike most competitors. The unveiling of a special burger took place that night which will be introduced at Eid, The Best Burger in the World.  Although I didn’t eat it (don’t eat meat) I can appreciate the passion that went into preparing the meat which is made from a complex and very fine blend of beef cuts.

The Ramadan Special Menu :

Mushroom Cheese bullets

Crunchy burger topping (honey mustard and Roasted garlic mayo),

Strawberry Rose Milkshake

Date Rahash Milkshake

Also: Blaze Sauce (not in the picture) which will be their signature sauce. Will be available in the future

Mushroom Cheese bullets

The Mini-Crunchy Burger

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