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The Moda Mall style lounge event just ended on the 30th of Oct.  I attended the opening along side other #bahrainbloggers and the lovely Joelle was there to talk about makeup, beauty, style and fashion.  If you didn’t make it to the 2 week event you missed out! The Moda Mall style lounge were offering free styling services.  On location there were hair experts, nail services, image and fashion consultants and so much more.  For those of you who followed our tweets.. did you manage to make it to the event? Did you make use of the free services?  Let us know and share your experiences.  Below are the images of the opening day.

       Left to right: THE Ali Fareed ;), me, Joelle, Mai from The Makeup Manual, Nada from Pretty little posts 

Some of you may find this very exciting!! I did!! I actually squealed. I came across this nail polish brand in ramadan.  Its always lovely to have painted nails, it looks so pretty.  I personally don’t paint my nails often due to the fact that I have to do do wudhu (ablution) and pray and with regular nail polish it’s an enamel that coats the layer of your nail, therefore when you need to do wudhu water won’t actually reach your nails since enamel isn’t porous .  I know a lot of girls paint they’re nails and still do wudhu and pray but this is just what I do.  It gets complicated.. but anyways back to what is so exciting is… Little Bu Nail polish!! Little Bu nail polishes are non toxic, water based and is made for little girls. I assume all little girls nail polishes may be similar but I have only tried this brand.  It’s perfect if you’re going to a wedding and return home late at night, you don’t have to go through the hassle of removing your nail polish with nail polish remover (nail polish remover is toxic enough!).  In the shower, or under warm running water give it a little rub and off it goes.  It’s obviously not the type of polish that you can go and do nail art with but it definitely is pretty and a great alternative to going bare.  I have asked a few religious people (don’t take my word for it-ask yourself) and they have agreed that since it is ‘water based’ technically you can use it and still do wudhu since it is porous.  The nail polish on it’s own, with just one wash will come off instantly- so you will need to use the top coat which is also water based.  It makes it last a little longer; so long as you’re not the type that is forever washing your hands.

Yes, it is made for little girls but it’s so cool and can be targeted to a whole new niche market.

You can purchase Little Bu Nail polish at and if you’re in the UAE you get free shipping!!

This is a fantastic nourishing rich cream made form organic ingredients.  I love this cream and use it on my face/body/lips anywhere that needs that extra bit of love.  I sometimes lather a thick amount all over my face at night before going to bed.  It literally feeds the skin while you are asleep!  Perfect cream to carry around for all purposes.  This product is one of their best sellers as well.

This is what Weleda says:

Weleda Skin Food is a nourishing and hydrating treatment for the whole body, especially hands, feet and elbows. This marvellous intensive moisture cream is a backstage beauty secret and been around since 1926. Suitable for vegetarians.

A deep-penetrating replenishing skin repair cream for dry patches of skin and for added winter protection. Ideal for skin that is dry, flaky and in need of extra care.

Made with organic sunflower seed oil, and extracts of wild pansy, chamomile, calendula and revitalising rosemary extract to perk up tired skin, it is a great rescue remedy for lack-lustre or generally undernourished complexions.

Skin Food is delicately fragranced with refreshing essential oils including sweet orange and lavandulae and is the natural choice for everyday care of the face and body.

It can be used as a protective cream in harsh weather and is excellent for anyone regularly out of doors.

BEST SKINCARE PRODUCT: Ethical Living commented “Thick, creamy, natural and heavily moisturising, this cream is a versatile winner. It leaves skin visibly brighter and moisturised with a cooling finish. It is a delight for hands, feet, lips, eczema and elbows! Very little is required and absorbs easily. Dry Skin? Trust us, you’ll love this product”.


*image belongs to Weleda

Mineral make-up is made from earth pigments and natural minerals. They are ground to a fine powder and mixed to form foundation, blush, and powder. Mineral make-up is free from perfumes, artificial dyes, preservatives, oils, wax, or talc. Instead, it contains titanium and zinc oxide, which have natural UV protectant properties.

Look at the benefits of mineral make-up:

1.  Did you know that mineral makeup are inorganic, which means they will not harbor bacteria the same way conventional makeup would. This is great news for women who have acne or rosacea. Mineral make-up lasts a long time (years) as well unlike other makeup with shorter shelf life.

2  Mineral makeup has great coverage and very light on the face therefore does not clog up pores.

3.  Mineral makeup are fanatstic for women with sensitive skin! `the minerals act as an anti inflammatory which makes it the only makeup you could use after a chemical peel! wow …They say you can even sleep with your makeup on!

4.  Mineral makeup is also better for the environment! Buying regular makeup supports the companies to invest in more chemicals to make more makeup.. a vicious cycle.. not to mention mineral makeup don’t test the products on animals!

I did a blog post a while back on my discovery of mineral makeup, here it is.


*image belongs to ferro cosmetics


I love a good product! Especially when it’s natural stuff I’m putting on my face/body.  What makes these products and the company extra special is that it is a home grown Bahraini company that can compete easily with other simliar brands! Another thing I love is supporting Local talent!

The founder Reem Al-Khalifa started her business Green Bar in 2006. What sets her stuff apart from the rest is that not only all her products are made 100% from natural ingredients but they makes sure to use local ingredients and promote what the region offers in terms of nature.

I came across an interview Mideast Youth did with Ms. Al-Khalifa and here are a few questions they asked her.

What is Green Bar?
Green Bar is my plant essence bar where I make my natural perfumes. I believed in oils for a very long time, but thought it ridiculous… and forgot about it because I was too lazy to look for proof. Then through my personal studies on Ayurveda which is the Indian health/medical compliment to yoga, I realized that yes oils are used for healing and my investigation started from there.


Why did you decide to use regional ingredients?
We have very beautiful exotic ingredients that no one is celebrating. Just a little creativity and improvisation can go a long way. They are a form of my expression to celebrate the island.

Read her full interview her.


Two of my favorite Green Bar products are the Sweet Almond Amber Body Oil and the Face Elixir! Simply Luscious!!

Have you tried their stuff? Here is where you can get them..

Online: and


J Boutique- Sheraton

Head to toe Salon- Zinj

Jashnmal- Aali Mall

Purple Patchouli Salon – Aali Mall

Nature Valley -Jufair




*image belongs to Green Bar

Finally a salon with a conscience! If you haven’t heard of this place already it could be because it’s almost a year old and still very new!
For those of you who are “green” at heart and would like the choice to use toxin free products this place is for YOU!
Definitely a place to visit when I am next in DUBAI!
“Zen Beauty Lounge is Dubai’s first and only ladies salon promoting ethical beauty, by using toxic-free, vegan, plant-based and/or organic products from around the world.
Amidst zen-inspired elegance and comfort, we envelop you in a ‘green’ setting that respects nature: from eco-friendly wall paint and energy-saving lighting to using biodegradable towels and recycling our waste.”
Services offered will include:
Organic Hair treatments, sugaring, threading, manicures, pedicures, home-made scrubs,soothing massages, reflexology and more.
Their Philosophy:
“We are surrounded everyday with man-made chemicals in practically everything we do and in every part of our living and working environment. From pesticides in our food, to chemicals in our clothing, make-up, deodrants, skin and bodycare products. Therefore, we believe in caring for one’s whole body by using natural plant-based products, which contribute to a healthier body & lifestyle.”
for more info.
and their facebook fan page

I was a skeptic I must admit! I mean give up my mac makeup?? My Revlon foundation that has full coverage ??? and all my lovely drawer filled of beauty goodies?? Nothing natural could possibly give me coverage let alone last on my skin the whole day!!
(Well I haven’t totally given up all my makeup but have left them for special or rare occasions or if I need a color that I don’t have with my new product! )
Whats this product that could dare me to go on the other side!
I’ve been umming about it for a while… shall I?, should I get the starter kit?, am sure it’s a waste of time.. were the thoughts that kept coming up!
This summer in London I was at Harvey Nichols and thought to myself “ohhhhh I might as well rule it out .. ill either love it or hate it! “
The next morning I woke up ever soo eager to get my “face” on! I balanced my laptop by the sink (do not try this at home-accident waiting to happen!!) plonked in the dvd and watched step by step. As  I started I was completely convinced this was going to be waste of time… once I was finally done I could not believe the coverage!! It wasn’t pore clogging like some thick coverage foundations make your skin look. And I couldn’t  how get over how light it felt on my skin! The first person to see me was my husband and he said and the first thing he said was.. “you look fresh” 😉 (didn’t let him on what my secret was )…
So yes as you can see I am in love with bareminerals and they claim that you can even sleep in it.
The primer is like vitamins for your skin and the makeup actually works with your skin (improved skin after using it ) as opposed to against it!
Have a look at what their website say-
Definitely worth a try!

*Image 1 google images
*Image 2 & 3 belong to bareminerals

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