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I am one lucky girl who got a fabulous gift from Green Bar, a voucher to use at the Kempinski Spa where they are now providing Green Bar treatments.  Here is the post I did on Kempinski and Green bar.  All of you know my obsession with Green Bar products.  For me, the root of my love boils down to the root of the ingredients and the fact that it is as a la naturale makes me very happy and my go to product.  The Kempinski hotel is a modern hotel attached to Bahrain City Centre.  When you have achy feet for all the shopping how perfect would a Green Bar pedicure sound… heaven!!

The spa is urban, sophistcated and very zen like with lots of delicious Lavender greeting you at the entrance.  The very lovely therapist took me to the room where I had a lovely blissful Green Bar Experience Treatment done.  The treatment was for 90mins which included a body polish/scrub and wrapping the body with very warm towels (nothing like it!! ) then nourishing the skin with oils.  The treament also included a facial massage and a hair massage using a luxury oil rich mask of botanical protein.  This was a perfect mother’s day treat for myself and I am so glad I saved it for that day.  Looking to treat yourself and nourish your body with goodness… I definitely recommend this treatment at the Kempinski Spa!!

A little more info on Green Bar and it’s founder, click here


Here is the review I did on Green Bar’s Rosewater Collection, click here

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I just adore the scrapbook that came along with the package.  Pages and pages of lovely tid bit bit size info.

The lovely Lavender again in the therapy room.

Products used during my session 🙂

Here are some of the Green Bar products sold at the spa:

Last month I was invited to attend the launch of Green Bar‘s new Rosewater Collection in Bahrain.  All of you know my love for all things natural but unfortunately I didn’t get to because of baby duties 🙂 but I heard it was nothing short of being fabulous! I adore Green Bar products and you can check out my previous post here.

The Rose water collection is a “FIRST for the Middle East in differentiating fragrance profiles, this defining collection in perfumery presents the unique qualities in a cross-section of Middle Eastern rose variety – indeed, a regional rose-tinged adventure, that has never been profiled before.” You can expect nothing but the finest ingredients

A little birdie friend (Rozan Ahmed) let me in on some info that there is going to be another event introducing the Rosewater Collection in KUWAIT!! So for those of you there here is how you can get a sneak peak and the chance to meet with founder Reem Alkhalifa herself.

The Pretty Little Things Event will be taking place from 6 – 8 December 2011.


House 16, Villa Mini Boutiques, Adaliya Block 2, Abdullah Al-Hajeri Street. Kuwait.


Tuesday 6 December from 7pm-11pm
Wednesday 7 December from 4pm-11pm
Thursday 8 December from 4pm-11pm

To order your limited edition Rosewater collection, send an email to:

For more information on Green Bar, images and interview requests, please email:

Stay tuned for my review on the “Rosewater Collection” coming soon.

It’s always great to see people from the Middle East succeed and make it in Hollywood!  Mohammed Al Turki is the new kid on the block from our neighboring country Saudi Arabia who is a producer, actor and philanthropist.  With a good number of movies under his belt this fellow arab is moving fast forward.  It’s about time we get to see people from our region making their mark.  What we hope to see more of are movies that represent our region as well, such as CITY OF LIFE by director Ali Mostafa and his new movie that he is working on amongst other projects.  Well done Mohammed on your success in Hollywood.. looking forward to hearing about more of your projects and philanthropic work that is crossing borders.
Here is a little more info on Mohammed Al Turki:
Of Middle Eastern descent, and born in Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Al Turki has recently caused a famed frenzy of interest as an entrepreneur, personality, producer and actor in the town he now calls home – Hollywood.
Adored by his LA counterparts, Mohammed has very quickly positioned himself as Hollywood’s ‘new boy in town’, found and papped working and socialising with many of the industry’s finest. Fashion and music royalty have also taken a liking to the fascinating young man from Saudi Arabia; his undeniable rise in profile has not only presented a shining talent so impressively representing the Middle East region, but also, successfully breaking cultural barriers between ”East and West”.
It all began (and continues) with a sincere passion for films, this drove a determination to solidify his place in the US film industry as a producer, and actor.His first film, “The Imperialists Are Still Alive” was chosen as ”Official Selection” in Sundance 2010. It won “Best Film” both at the Warsaw Film Festival and The Asian American Film Festival. The film also received much talked about national and international media recognition, and praise.His second film endeavour, ”The Harrowing”, in which he stars, is a reality-based horror story based on a group of young people trapped in a haunted mental asylum, with CCTV cameras filming the cast’s every move. ”The Harrowing” is due for release in the fall of 2011.His latest projects include “Arbitrage”, which is expected to bring together an all-star cast, and, most recently announced during this year’s Cannes Film Festival, a Ramin Bahrani production starring Dennis Quaid and Zac Efron.As well as fulfilling his dreams in film, Mohammed Al Turki continues what is a family legacy in international philanthropy. He remains dedicated in his support of various charities including the Elton John Aids Foundation, amfar AIDS Research and many more.His father, Abdulaziz Al Turki, an admired figure in Saudia Arabia, is recognized for his charitable efforts as the Founder and President of the Saudi Cancer Foundation, Chairman of the Saudi Charitable Foundation for Promoting Organ Donation and The Saudi Annual Charity run. Indeed, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, with Mohammed supporting and contributing to most of his father’s local charities too

Rozan Ahmed has become internationally renowned as an innovative personality in public relations, special events management, motivational speaking and writing. Her skills, passion and dedication to her craft have gained her unprecedented achievements over a successful 12 year career. Her work has taken her around the world, working with the likes of Emmanuel Jal, Jay Z, Reem Al Khalifa, The Princes Trust, Juliani, Chanel, Mouwad, the United Nations, P Diddy, Tamara Al Gabbani, Justin Timberlake, Akala, Dana Al Khalifa, and many more!
In 2008, she set up her own boutique firm specialising in what she likes to call ‘the best in pace-setting activity’. As well as client services in PR & events, Rozan Ahmed’s consultancy encompasses the ever popular lifestyle network bougi. How does she do it all? We’ll soon find out.

How long have you been in the middleeast?

Just over 2 years now, but have been a regular visitor my entire life. It’s definitely a second home for me.

What were you doing before you set up your own business?
I was a public information officer at the United Nations, a most fascinating and eye-opening experience. I find myself always returning to development initiatives, using my skills for the betterment of others, so who knows, I may end up in politics one day.

What made you choose the island of Bahrain to set up your PR Consulting boutique?
In short, I loved it. While stationed at the UN mission in Sudan, I wanted to visit surrounding countries in the MENA region and came across Bahrain through Michael Jackson’s stint in the Kingdom. I came, fell in love, came back another 10 times (I know! Let’s just say it was a like-minded haven for me), then finally decided to make the bold move.

How did you get into the PR Consulting business?
Well, during my days at university I worked as a freelance journalist, before becoming deputy editor at RWD magazine (the UK’s biggest music & lifestyle publication). Journalism managed to lead me into a number of different fields, specifically entertainment PR. I soon found myself consulting on a number of fashion related campaigns, strategising festivals, researching content for documentaries, I was literally all over the place! A multi-tasking workaholic, which is pretty much the fundamental requirement for anyone wanting to successfully work in PR. I need to be utilising ALL of my skills, at all times, and that never changes. From there, I developed an interest in politics, and humanitarian work, and soon found myself in the UN. Then, I took a rather huge risk and decided to go it alone, tap into everything I love and see where God takes me, basically.

What makes you different to other PR firms?
My individual approach, scope, reach, understanding, foresight and dedication. I choose who I work with and so our client base is always small, concentrated and focused on messages that compliment one another. Passion is key in effective PR. One has to love what it is they represent. Honesty, reliability, education. I like to enlighten myself, and others, as I work. Rozan Ahmed and her team are fantastic pace-setters. We simply make it happen, with passion, and meaning, every time.

What is your most memorable moment?
Seeing my work in action is always a pleasure, whether it be the people’s satisfaction at a great event, a unique campaign in play, reading letters of appreciation in reference to my articles, enlightening and inspiring through conversation and dialogue, it’s all memorable. I also love seeing my friends succeed. It’s not always about your own achievements, but those around you, particularly if you played a part in their glory.

You have met quite a few high profile people, does anyone in specific pop to mind and why?
I’d say Quincy Jones. I only realised just how prolific my conversation with him was, after I had it! I felt like I met a few other of my idols through him, he was open and honest, indescribably interesting. Stevie Wonder was amazing too, more so because I got to meet him with my parents, which literally left them speechless. Politicians are always fun, they always have stories to tell. Always!
If you could choose any client or event to work with who would it be and why?
Locally, Bahrain’s Crown Prince. Bahrain is my Middle East pearl, and I want to see it heal from this tragic period effectively and positively. Internationally, I’d love to work with Oprah Winfrey, her everything inspires me. 

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