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We all love a bargain! Singer turned fashion designer Pearl Lowe has designed a collection specifically a dress that is making celebs drool! The price tag makes us drool as well …. ₤35!!!

According to the Daily Mail “Pop star Courtney Love was so desperate to have the 1950s-inspired dress she sent a message to Miss Lowe, via Twitter, asking for one to be couriered to her suite at the Mercer Hotel, New York.”
Inspired by holloywood glamour and the 50’s her designs are targeted for the “real” woman with curves who loves fashion on a bud

I don’t know what shocks me more… the price of the dress or that Peacock has been round for 126 years??? Love the dress though and the vintage inspired theme!

Singer turned designer Pearl Lowe with her model daughter Daisy Lowe


*images belong to the daily mail

Looking for something a little different then your regular fall/winter coat?

I am always on the look out for clothes that are stylish, HOT, chic, trendy but most importantly give me the coverage I need as a fashion conscious mutahajiba.

Capes are hitting it BIG this season with all the celebs wearing them. Assuming you will be travelling this Eid to somewhere cold make sure you add this functional versatile peice to your wardrobe! I have a gorgeous tweed vintage Burberry cape that I adore! (can you spot me?:) )

Capes & Ponchos can be a bit tricky. If you are tall you shouldn’t have a problem withthe length of the cape you could opt for a short one or a long one. For the petite belles out there always opt for a shorter fitted one otherwise it may look like you are drowning in your cape.

You can wear your capes with skinny jeans and uggs or a tailored trouser and killer boots.



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