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If you are mad about vintage of the true kind like I am (hate it when the word is used loosely) then the best thing to do when you are in London is to check out The Vintage Guide to London

I was lucky to attend the London Vintage Fashion, Textiles & Accessories Fair which described by many as “the Rolls Royce of the Vintage Fashion Fairs” and THE FIRST & THE BEST Vintage Fashion Fair in London – established in 1999.  This fair takes place approx every 4-5 weeks with over 100 stands, so if you miss one it won’t be the last.  They had everything there and can it can be overwhelming.  I went with my hubby which probably wasn’t the wisest thing to do since I like to browse, take my time, touch things and think of their origins etc where hubby wants me to go have a look and leave 🙂 He’s a man after all and shopping is never the ideal scenario for any man but the fact that he wanted to come with me to a vintage fair he gets bonus points for that.

The few hours I did get to spend there was great! I got to see Christian Dior, Ossie Clark, BIBA vintage clothes and much much more.. The best part of visiting these fairs is getting to do what I love best; people watching.  You get all sorts of people attending these fairs and some very very dedicated to the 50’s retro era.  Half the time it felt like I was standing next to extras from Mad Men and all that was left was to see Don Drapper himself! 🙂

The next date for this event is the 5th of Dec, or just check out the organisers for their up coming event dates.


notice the BIBA 🙂 all BIBA items here …. (droool)



*images belong to electric firefly

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