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Ramadan is here! Join Bookworms in L’Atelier for a story about Ramadan and all that it is about. What fasting means, why do we fast, what charity means, how to give charity. Following the story, the children will paint their own charity pot, decorated with crescent and stars to take home and keep. Adding a coin a day will get the pot filled in no time and help your child learn the concept of giving early on in life.
Introduce the event to your children and encourage them to bring nonperishable food (canned goods, rice, sugar, pasta, oil, etc), toys, and/or clothes. Bookworms will gladly take all items and send to poor families in need.
Date: 24.7.2012 (Tuesday)
Time: 11:30 am- 12:30 pm
Age group: 4-8 years
Activity: paint your own charity pot (charity: donate food, toys, clothes)
Cost: 5 BD
Location: L’Atelier, Seef Mall
NOTE: the story is in Arabic!
Click here to attend the event below or call L’Atelier on 17551144 to book your space

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