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Fashion Inspiration:

*images belong to Erdem

Indonesian fashion designer Itang Yunasz used to design clothes for a totally different market. His designs would be revealing and open.  He took a long break from the fashion scene and has made a come back designing clothes for the veiled woman!

“He believes to perform perfection on hijab according to Islam, every women deserves to walk on every step of modesty. This explains his diversity and contrasting design. From turban with an open neck until the fully lose head cover are being presented.

He also believes Muslim clothes may vary. It doesn’t have to be simple conservative flat long dress. Trends can be adapted for every Muslim woman. Trends and Traditions can be collided and bring a new dynamics for Fashion Muslim.

You can easily be fascinated by his edgy collection. From a delightful romantic bohemian with embroidery framing the dress to a modern drapery combine with skinny pants, you name it. This collection shows major diversity in garment and detail. We can see layers from lightweight material such as chiffon, satin chiffon and lace. To have the best volume dress, mix duchesse and satin are great choice. Moreover, Itang also add Swarovski crystal and beads in order to have an elegant and glamour feminine look. He also gives us tribal pattern mix with animal prints, something that we rarely find in Muslim dress.”Mrs. Hanna Faridl (according to the press release).

Here are a few of his designs that I love! The first ensemble is my favorite!!

*images belong to hijabscarf

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