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IMG_3147 Fashion Forward kicked off to a great start! The buzz and the excitement was felt by everyone.  It was a whole three days of fashion frenzy and I loved every minute of it.  I landed on the day it started so I didn’t get to attend the earlier shows and had to settle my little bubba in before heading to the event.  I missed Emperor 1688 because I was a couple of minutes late, but that gave me the chance to explore the venue and be prepared for the next day. The line up for the Essa show was crazy and although it got off to a late start it was a great a show!  I have to say though the highlight of the night was getting to meet the ever so sweet and down to earth Blogger Ascia.   I  was very impressed with the whole set up and kudos to those who worked soo hard getting the whole event up and running! By far this event can compete with any international fashion event; and it will only get better. Am looking forward to Fashion Forwad later this year in October.  There are loads of pics to come for the following days so stay tuned for Fashion Forward Photo Diary Day 2 and 3.  Read the rest of this entry »

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