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Here is a fantastic Fashion site/blog I came across that has some great useful tips.  Wendy is a remarkable person and a true inspiration.. I love Wendy ❤ why? check out her ‘about her ‘ page.  Her site is dedicated to all things fashion and she has amazing tips to share.  I have come across a few of her youtube videos that I will share with you all that are great tips!

Ebay shopping can be quite daunting but when you know how to do it can be quite thrilling! Research on your part is very important.

Here are some great video tips for those:

  • who have been too afraid to take the ebay plunge
  • tried ebay but made bad buying decisions
  • not sure how the auction works
  • find the vast options daunting and don’t know how to narrow it down

These videos have been carefully done and very detailed yet short to grasp.

Thanks Wendy for doing such a great job and being so detailed and clear on how its done! and yes purseforum is the bomb!! Those ladies do ROCK!

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