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Middle Eastern Fashion: An Identity in the Making- Panel Discussion

I was off to a fresh start at Day 2 of Fashion Forward and was ready for as much fashion dosage as I could get! It was hard to limit myself to a few number of shows and panel discussions as I had baby duty as well, but better some than none at all eh! I go to attend the Middle Eastern Fashion: Identity in the Making panel discussion which was very interesting and they tapped on to a lot of interesting points.  I wish I got the chance to bring up the point of modest/conservative fashion for the majority of women in our region; next time. Read the rest of this entry »

I was a skeptic I must admit! I mean give up my mac makeup?? My Revlon foundation that has full coverage ??? and all my lovely drawer filled of beauty goodies?? Nothing natural could possibly give me coverage let alone last on my skin the whole day!!
(Well I haven’t totally given up all my makeup but have left them for special or rare occasions or if I need a color that I don’t have with my new product! )
Whats this product that could dare me to go on the other side!
I’ve been umming about it for a while… shall I?, should I get the starter kit?, am sure it’s a waste of time.. were the thoughts that kept coming up!
This summer in London I was at Harvey Nichols and thought to myself “ohhhhh I might as well rule it out .. ill either love it or hate it! “
The next morning I woke up ever soo eager to get my “face” on! I balanced my laptop by the sink (do not try this at home-accident waiting to happen!!) plonked in the dvd and watched step by step. As  I started I was completely convinced this was going to be waste of time… once I was finally done I could not believe the coverage!! It wasn’t pore clogging like some thick coverage foundations make your skin look. And I couldn’t  how get over how light it felt on my skin! The first person to see me was my husband and he said and the first thing he said was.. “you look fresh” 😉 (didn’t let him on what my secret was )…
So yes as you can see I am in love with bareminerals and they claim that you can even sleep in it.
The primer is like vitamins for your skin and the makeup actually works with your skin (improved skin after using it ) as opposed to against it!
Have a look at what their website say-
Definitely worth a try!

*Image 1 google images
*Image 2 & 3 belong to bareminerals

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