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  WOW it’s been a year already!! It’s that time of year and the 2nd edition to the successful event that is held in Riyadh.  Riyadh Fashion Days is a major fashion event hosting fashion shows every day for 5 days and showcasing the brand new Autumn/winter collection exclusive to Maison BO-M.  RFD focuses on promoting local talent. Participating at this event will be 25 designers from the region.  Follow the hash tag #RFD12 for updates.

Ramadan and Fasting tips from Nutritional Therapist Alia Almoayed.
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حلقات رمضان – قريبا

اخصائية التغذية علياء المؤيد تجعل رمضانك احلى واصح هذه السنة مع نصائح التغذية المتواصلة واجابات لاهم الاسئلة المتعلقة بصحتك في رمضان.

حصرياً على

These are exciting times for the  Middle East!! The dream  was to see a Comic Con event take place but everyone thought it was a far fetched idea.. I mean who would be interested .. but a few?!

I guess they were wrong!!

Here is an interview I did with a member of the EXTRACAKE team who made this event possible,  Mr. Arafaat Ali Khan 🙂

1. For someone who has no idea what a comic-con is .. how would you describe it to them and who is it targeted to?

In simple terms then it’s a convention which brings together fans and producers of what we call ‘Cult Entertainment’.  That really covers a lot of things from Comic Books, TV, Film, Sci-Fi, Collectables, Japanese Anime & Manga to Video or Online Gaming.  It’s essentially a festival for all things geeky! (and you’d be surprised how many people that covers because EVERYONE is a geek for something!).

The ‘con’ culture has truly become a world wide phenomenon and we think the Middle East Film and Comic Con will be no exception.  It will give the thousands of fans of everything from Avatar to Grendizer a place to meet, it will give a great opportunity to the many talented amateurs out there to showcase their work (and we’ve met some amazing people already who are producing work to an international level!) and it will support the ever growing entertainment industry within the region.

For fans it’s a way to connect & find things they love, for amateurs it could be a way to start or change career and for companies it’s an opportunity to not only reach an untapped market which is valued at a massive $4 billion per year but also find the next wave of talent!

2. How excited do you think the people in the Middle East are?

The feedback we’ve had so far has been overwhelming and news has spread across the world! Since the launch of our Facebook page, we’ve had calls from Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and even further afield in Egypt, Thailand, the Philippines and Pakistan! The event has been covered in California and Tokyo and we’ve been appraoched by people in London & the US who’ve heard about it ‘on the grapevine’!

Before we even officially announced the show actually we were receiving calls asking where tickets where available and whether they are new fans or people who’ve grown up on this type of thing the passion shines through.

3. What will we expect to see at comic con?

Practically everyone, from every walk of like will find something of interest of the Con. Just to give you an idea – we’re going to have international and regional comic publishers at the show offering merchandise and other exclusives; we will have retailers from around the globe offering memorabilia, figures and more; artists and celebrities from movies, TV, anima and manga signing autographs; cosplay competitions with professional cosplayers attending the show; a gaming zone showing the latest games and so much more!

We have a dedicated area at the show for individuals to rent a space at the show (very affordable) and display and sell their art, prints, sculptures etc. and people can submit their artwork for free to be judged by international artists and win prizes.

4. Will any celebs of the “comic world ” be attending?

We are talking to celebrities from all levels of pop culture – anime and manga, TV shows and movies, comics writers and artists and have had tremendous interest from some true legends.  It’s difficult to manage schedules etc. but we’ve been speaking to some of the biggest names in the world of entertainment!

5.  Is it possible to  Purchase and trade products at the event?

Absolutely  –  most exhibitors will be selling merchandise which will be exclusive just for the event so fans will be able to purchase a unique and highly collectable item (or items!).  This will include Comics from some of the worlds biggest publishers who’ll be giving some of their best known titles a special ‘Middle Eastern’ theme just for the MEFCC as well as regional companies who will be producing limited edition runs of only 100 pieces for example.  It’s the fans chance to own something really very rare!

We’ll also have an area for comic and figure collectors (like myself) who want to come and trade and sell their collections or even just display them, and we may even have some private collectors selling of some extremely rare and valuable art etc.

6. As For the Twilight fans out there will there be anything for them?

Ah we can’t forget the Twilight fans – let’s just say we are working on something very special for them and they should definitely stay tuned for some (hopefully!) good news soon!

7. Finally! Arafaat what does this comic convention mean to you? Ever since I have known you, you’re passion for manga, comics and toys is a major part of who you are! As a collector and fan .. How does it feel to be responsible for bringing the very first comic con to the middle east?

Umm, do you have another few pages for my answer here! Haha!

But seriously, this is the proverbial dream come true. This has been an idea in my mind forever practically and once I partnered with the Ben (MD) and Nisrine (Creative Director) from ExtraCake, I found this dream closer to reality than I knew. The entire team at ExtraCake have some interest in pop culture and entertainment with Ben’s collection of action figures getting more prominence than client files and Nisrine’s collection of anime and manga figurines so precious they are off limits to practically everyone!

It’s such a great company and group that it’s finally given me the opportunity to realise not only my own but all of our dreams (I know it sounds a bit dramatic but this is what it means to us!)

The amount of support and enthusiasm we have received from companies, fans and stars from around the world has been unbelievable and I just know that this show is going to take the whole region by storm in years to come!

The Middle East Film & Comic Con will be held at Abu Dhabi’s National Exhibition Centre in March 2011, and exhibition space is open for bookings for content creators, animation studios and merchandisers right through to individual artists and collectors. The event will span a weekend in March and is expected to draw crowds in the thousands from all over the region.

More information and a newsletter to keep up-to-date on the latest celebrity signings and exhibitors is available and on the Facebook group

Below are some images of SAN DIEGO COMIC CON 2009

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