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 Basma K is an owner of an online Hijab store called Basma K Collection.   I came across Basma on instagram and love her style! Not only is she beautiful mashallah but she is a perfect style inspiration for hijabistas (Hijab wearers and fashion lovers).  She makes me want to own 1000 maxi skirts! Check out Basma’s Hijab store by clicking here.  You can follow Basma on instagram too (basma_k).

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YAY!!!! A flash sale website dedicated to our needs as modest fashion loving chicas!!! This is so cool!!  I don’t know what styles or items they will have on their site as they still haven’t launched yet, but I am so excited and signed up straight away!! You should too!!!

Click on the image above to get directed to the site or simply click here

Tired of wishing an outfit was longer or had a higher neckline?
We invite you to a new place to shop for outfits that fit your values. The stylists at our flash sale site will bring you the latest fashion that is stylish, beautiful, and modest – no compromise.

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