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5 more days to go and the fashion world is buzzing, strategizing and planning their mission on how to get score their picks from the Maison Martin Margiela collaboration with H&M on November 15th.  Although ADR X HM was a month ago I am now drooling over this collaboration.  Below are my favorite picks and seriously need to start thinking how I am possibly going to narrow this down! OOOOhhhh but I WANT them all !! Don’t you just love the plexi glass shoes!! Sigh.. the gorgeous dresses.. and I don’t care f it’s part of the mens wear but I must have the white bow tie shirt!! Have you checked out the collection? What are your picks?

 Oversized Turtleneck, $149  Trousers, $99  Horizontal Dress, $199  Hitched Up Dress, $199  Fusion of Two Dresses, $199   Bow Tie Shirt, $99 Plexi Wedge, $299.


Am in love with this look!! 
 Silk Top, $149; Silk Skirt, $129; and Trousers, $99

It has been a crazy couple of weeks trying to get stuff together and organized work wise for my label ‘Mara’ and mother & baby label ‘Baby m’.  I am so behind on my blogposts, which is why you’re getting this one more than 2 weeks after the launch at the beginining of this month.  Better late than never eh! It was an early start of the day to be lining up for a fashion event but it’s always so much fun that it’s always worth it.  I honestly went just to get a few shots for the blog not desperately wanting anything.  While we waited outside for the doors to open a lady came out handing us all baskets.  I took one for the sake of it and fell for the marketing sales gimmick.  I ended up filling the bag to the brim while taking pictures at the same time.  Once the mayhem died down you could find girls in all corners of the shop on the floor going through their stash of goodies and narrowing items down.  Well thats what we all did while we socialized at the same time with friends and bloggers. Women are such multi-taskers! Enjoy the pics of the event and again sorry for the delay ..

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Tickety tock tock..and the 7 day countdown begins ladies.  Anna Dello Russo’s collaboration with H&M is hitting stores Oct 4th!! Not long to go at all.  Below is the full collection I found on fashlink’s blog that I wanted to share with you all.  Better be prepared and make your choices before hitting the stores.  ADR is all about excess ” nothing succeeds like excess.. ” so pile it on and wear the unexpected at the end of the day what makes it all work is confidence and ADR’s style is always extravagant, fun and most importantly confident.  ADR’s music video for the collaboration hit the nail on the head with her opulent style and her fashion tips- Fashion Shower.



This news has gone viral mad! H&M not only have been doing some great collaborations with designers but have now struck it GOLD with choosing beautiful 60s inspired siren Lana Del Ray a.k.a Elizabeth Grant as their new face for the autumn/ winter campaign! This is the singer’s first modeling gig ever although she has a bag named after her by the designer Mulberry.

“The theme of the campaign is a modern and feminine woman with a soft attitude. Curves and waist are important in autumn’s silhouette, with a focus on knitwear and tweed, the store says. Colours include powder tones and accessories in wine red. ‘The mood is very LA noir,’ Donald Schneider, H&M’s creative director, told WWD.”

Not only is the singer the face for the  Swedish store but she has also recorded a cover of Blue Velvet for a short film that will be released on September 19 via

Lana wears a pink angora jumper and matching trousers with her signature 60’s backcombed  trademark look.  Below is one of Lana’s music videos which epitomizes her style with all her fashion icons and fashion inspirations “Summer Sadness”.

Other collaborations for H&M that are set to arrive in stores later this year are with  Maison Martin Margiela and Anna Dello Russo.



Not long to go for the launch of the Marni X H&M collaboration to hit the stores.  Yes, it will be a mad rush, things will fly off the shelves, there will be pushing and shoving just like the previous collabs before.  Is all the frenzy due to actually liking an item and wanting to own it or is it to be a part of the whole experience, the game, the hunt, and just to see who has quick grabbing reflexes.. Well thats the point of the build up right to make everyone hungry ..whether you really like the designer or not is not the point…could I go as far as saying it’s equivalent to a Football match for the boys- the hunger, the adrenaline, the hysteria. Yes, I think so and either way I want to make it to this one and here are some of my picks below.

Set in Marrakesh, Morocco, Academy Award and Golden Globe winner Sofia Coppola has directed this commercial for the Marni at H&M collection.

The collection is to hit the stores on March 8th!! Not long to go, good luck shoppers ..this will be a good one!

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