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Ivory Peach Skin Button Shirt

Pink Pocket Pleat Skirt

Denim Pearl Hijab

Hijab Pin


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The traditional black abaya has transformed into many things which some may even question whether that is what an abaya is meant to represent.  That is a whole different blog post in itself.  The one thing that I think is crazy is the colour!! To some I may be “rebelling” but i’m going to say it anyways.. BLACK? seriously? especially in our climate!! Our men get to wear white  and stay cool while we culturally remain to wear black.  Isn’t it about time we bring in some colour? Black is beautiful and all yes..but I have always thought it would be lovely to see the abaya in different shades.

Below are some images from Inayah’s abaya collection.  Here is a modest start of something fresh (they like kaftan/dresses).  These particular ones have sheer sleeves which would obviously have to be changed and they are very simple.  We have some great abaya designers which I am sure can come up with some stunning elaborate styles.  I think it just takes a few people to start wearing them for it to hit on .. just like when no one wore coloured hejabs and now they do.

Just a thought.. what do you guys think?

It’s summer time and soon to be Ramadan and our mood is shifting to purchasing our stock of abayas, jalabiyas, kaftans etc.. At Inayah they have launched an absolutely dreamy English Vintage collection that makes you feel you can beat the heat by dressing in such cool soft flowy fabrics… I love them all especially the Lookbook below.  The cocoon cardigan is very similar to the wraps I design. I love the hijab pins!! I’ve never worn a hijab pin but looking at these ones is a reason to start! What do you think?

Cream Cocoon Cardigan

Camel Crotchet Abaya

Vintage Floral Button Top

Vintage Floral Kaftan

Rope Belt

Dusty Pink Gathered Skirt

Pink Linen Kaftan

Floral Pleated Skirt

Spring Flower Hijab Pins

Afternoon Tea Hijab Pin

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