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If you want to know vintage you will have to get to know who Ossie Clark is.  Ossie Clark is a name I grew up hearing along with another of my favorites- BIBA! My mother used to wear a lot of his clothes and I managed to snag a few of her dresses.  British designer Ossie is a vintage legend and his designs ooozes style and femininity.  Many fashion designers such as YSL, Anna Sui, Manolo Blahnik and Tom Ford  look to Ossie’s design for inspiration! If you manage to get your hands on an Ossie Clark vintage then you will be set for SS11 🙂

Here is a picture of the iconic designer and a few of his designs:

Ossie Clark

Emma Watson in a vintage Ossie Clark design at the premier of HARRY POTTER


Counting my blessings is a beautiful book written by a young Emirati boy with special needs.  He is such an inspiration and is a great role model for other young Emiratis.

Counting my blessings is characterized by a simple and interesting writing style. Its simplicity takes you inside the writer’s world and makes you fly amidst his own memories with affection. The story makes you interact with the events and live the story as if you were a member of his family. Hussein has succeeded in narrating his life story in his own way which is different from the traditional style of writing autobiographies.
His eagerness and determination to have the best life he could have is an inspiration to everybody who reads this book.
Hussein will capture your heart with his fascinating charm and loving personality.


To purchase his book and know more about the young author visit click here


*images belong to Hussein Alrahma

 October is breast cancer awareness month!

Here is an inspiring video I would like to share with you all…

Here are the lyrics to the song:

(Melissa Etheridge)

It’s been years since they told her about it
The darkness her body possessed
And the scars are still there in the mirror
Everyday that she gets herself dressed
Though the pain is miles and miles behind her
And the fear is now a docile beast
If you ask her why she is still running
She’ll tell you it makes her complete

I run for hope
I run to feel
I run for the truth
For all that is real
I run for your mother your sister your wife
I run for you and me my friend I run for life

It’s a blur since they told me about it
How the darkness had taken its toll
And they cut into my skin and they cut into my body
But they will never get a piece of my soul
And now I’m still learning the lesson
To waken when I hear the call
And if you ask me why I am still running
I’ll tell you I run for us all


And someday if they tell you about it
If the darkness knocks on your door
Remember her remember me
We will be running as we have before
Running for answers
Running for more

*thanks to bewellvideo on youtube

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