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This is such a genuis accessory!! I just looove this and have to get my hands on a pair! These Ibrah Shoulder broaches are great for adding a statement accessory or jazzing up a cardigan which I would sooo do!

Aren’t they so cool!

Ibrah’s shoulder brouches will be available for sale online at Hadeya Station

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Love this Kuwaiti accessory label! Looking for a statement necklace–> these are the go to ones for that statement pieces.  The beauty of these pieces isn’t just the design but that each one is handmade and limited in quantity, which mean only a few will own them .

The name Ibrah, which means “sewing needle in Arabic” emphasize the importance of this tiny tool in completing any garment or an accessory.

You can find Ibrah’s products here at Goji Boutique, and Hadeya Station.

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