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Finally our Grazia shoot at Al-Areen is out!! It’s taken many weeks to hit the shelves due to all the problems in Bahrain but alas it is here now!!  It was a fun morning with Nichola from Grazia, Wafa Alobaidat and Aysha Mattar.  We got to get real up close and personal with the animals and had tons of laughs!! Looking foward to happy days again in Bahrain; after a storm there’s always a rainbow.

Grazia:  “Blogging has become the social reference for any woman who’s serious about fashion.  Within minutes of walking down the red carpet, starlet’s gowns are scrutinized and given thumb’s up or down by bloggers the world over.  Grazia spent a morning at the Al Areen Wildlife Park with three local fashion bloggers to see how their sites have been received in Bahrain.”


Mara’s Q&A

Wafa’s Q&A

Aysha’s Q&A

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