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Head down to Amwaj and join them in the markets season finale this Saturday, April 2nd.   Great bargains, delicious food, lively music, and children’s entertainment await you. Don’t miss it!!


In the heart of the CITY where during the week this area would be crowded with men in suits lunching during their breaks.  On the weekend is a whole different scene! This area turns into a market place with all sorts of stalls.  On different days they sell different things (check below).  A lovely lively market with lots to do and see with great lunch options around.

Old Spitalfields Market has been voted the best market place for 2 years in a row! Click here for more info.

Market Stalls:

Mon – Wed: All shops & no stalls
Thu: Antiques & vintage
Fri: Fashion & art
Sat: All shops & no stalls
Sun: Busiest day – all shops & all stalls

Opening Times:
Thursday & Friday 10am – 4pm
Sundays, 9am – 5pm

Check with individual restaurants but generally 11am – 11pm Monday to Friday and 9am – 5pm on Sundays

Check with individual shops but in general Monday to Sunday 11am – 7pm

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Portabello Road is famous for it’s antiques, furnitures and vintage shops.. and more importantly it’s bustling market on Sundays!  Beware these pictures will make you miss LONDON.. i’m already going through withdrawls…

I just love LONDON ❤

Before you scroll down to the pictures, play the song as you go along 🙂

Carpet of leaves paving the way to Notting Hill

Glee boys singing 🙂

following the crowd to Portabello Road Market

love live music, these guys are soo talented!

love old tins would collect them all if I could

love collecting vintage cameras

his music is above and below

Discovering new markets became the thing on this trip! It was so much fun and I love to see all the goodies people have to sell.  Just off Marylebone high st. there’s a ground where every saturday from 11am-5pm a cute little market is held. The market is called Cabbages & Frocks Market.  At the market I met a delightful couple who told me their story and how they started they’re business literally from their kitchen table and how it grew! They’re products are not only completely natural with zero stabilizers for longer shelf life they are also ORGANIC! Don’t you love a good success story and they’re really nice people as well! 🙂 Good luck to them and read more about them below.

About Ruby Red

Like all good stories, Ruby Red started with a big adventure. Martine and Mike decided to give up their successful careers and go on a life changing journey through Asia.

“We put a pin in the map of the world, rented out our house, packed a bag with a change of clothes and went travelling. Our journey took us through India as well as parts of South East Asia where we experienced at first hand how people use natural ingredients to make really effective beauty products; no chemicals, no petrochemicals, just a real respect for everything that nature has to offer to make us look good.”

Martine’s passion for health and beauty started at a very early age with a French mother and growing up with lotions and potions. “It was this passion which lead me to work for big international beauty brands but it was our journey to Asia that inspired me to start Ruby Red.”

Named after the 2 co-founders, Mike and Martine Ruby, with the iconic Red as a tribute to London, where we are based, we create a eco-range, crammed full of organic, sustainable plant ingredients to make you look and feel good naturally. All our products come wrapped in cute, planet friendly packaging. Ar Ruby Red we are dedicated to making you look good naturally.

Today Ruby Red is available online , at well known High Street retailers and etailers such as Harvey Nichols, Amazon and fashion etailer ASOS. “Ruby Red’s beauty products are truly wonderful” says Dragana Brown, co-owner of Luscious Organics. “They’re certainly a favourite among our customers and staff.”

If you want to find a stockist near you, click on this link to go to our “where to find us “page.

Our natural ingredient list
We use active natural ingredients, by that we mean that all our ingredients help to protect, nourish, moisturise and renew your skin naturally. We only use plant or vegetable ingredients, no animal bi-products or synthetics. Our trademark rich Ruby Red aromas are created by blending organic essential oils along traditional perfumery techniques to give you great aromas that work.

Looking good for longer
The good news, you only need to use a little to see the difference; making it more economical to look good naturally. Our products do not contain chemical preservatives or stabilisers and they will be affected by outside temperatures – harder in the cold and softer in the warm weather, but this will not reduce their effectiveness.

Chemicals? No way!
With 60% of what you put on your skin absorbed into the body, why reproduce chemically the great ingredients nature has given us? None of our lovely products contain Mineral oils, Petrochemicals, Parabens, Lanolin, DEA, TEA, SLS, Artificial colour, Synthetic fragrance or Animal ingredients; just 100% natural goodness.

Planet positive
Being natural isn’t enough, we want to make a positive step towards protecting our beautiful planet for future generations. Look closely at our gorgeous packaging, and you won’t find any plastic, just recyclable or biodegradeable containers. With all our Ruby Red range stylishly wrapped in easy to use green packaging; its never felt so good to look good

Purely ethical
As a company we insist on choosing organic ingredients from strictly ethical sources – all our suppliers are certified organic and vetted to ensure that they follow Fair Trade principles – buying goods at a fair price so that everyone benefits. Our organic shea butter is ethically sourced from a women’s co-operative in Ghana who’ve been able to purchase their organic certification through all our support.

Why organic?
Simply because we want to get as many chemicals out of the process as possible and using organic ingredients which are grown without the use of artificial pesticides and herbicides, in soil free from artificial fertilizers and genetic modification has got to be better for you. The latest statistics show that as much as 60% of what you put on the skin is absorbed into the blood stream, this means your skin is getting the full benefit of richer, more effective ingredients, without any nasties. Hurrah!

Not tested on animals
We just can’t see why animals should be made to suffer in this way, beauty products should never contain ingredients which are so harmful that they could cause damage for animals or people. Our Ruby Red review team test all our new products and we leave the animals to do what they do best, lazing around…

*images belong to electric firefly

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